I'm banning myself from buying anymore bags for a while

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  1. In last few months I've bought 3 Balenciaga and returned, 2 Mahina (xs and xxl) and Mahina wallet. All preloved and authenticated but now $2k in whole. Anyone else need to be banned?
  2. Me! Time to concentrate on other things. Husband is eyeing a new truck...
  3. Lol..I was just telling myself today, I'm done with bags for a loooong time. I bought seven this year after selling a few bags and SLG's and I'm maxed out. Done with bags. May purchase some SLG's if something interests me...
  4. Me!! Although I know very well if I get any tax return $$ back what I would be spending it on!
  5. Haven't bought the anything in about a year. Saving for a house come summer!
  6. I'm not completely "banning" myself, but I am saying I am definitely limiting myself. I am allowing myself to buy 1 bag and one SLG or other item. I have been doing a lot of renos on my house and I would really like to concentrate on that this year. And another vacation [emoji6] I'm actually content with what I have. I am planning on parting with 2 of my bags also. So that makes it easier for me to say it's ok to get 1 this year.
  7. Yes I'm banning myself for a while too ! I have bought two bags in the past 6 months ... I'm finished for now ! I feel like I am happy with my collection at this time and don't plan on adding anything new any time soon !! I hope I can make it to December or longer .. Time will tell ! I'm content with my collect right now and that's a good feeling I haven't had in a while :smile:
  8. I so need to ban myself. Just these 2 yrs i hv bought abt more than 5 bags fr lv and chanel. But maybe today i wl get one last bag before banning myself [emoji38]
  9. Yes...bought a new Cluny BB, epi pm agenda, an evasion sarah wallet in March, and just bought a Hermes bag last week. Other than an SLG from the fall animation line, I am pretty well done, too.:blush:

    Time to enjoy the wonderful things I have. =)
  10. I already spent tax return, long gone trip tonvegas in July and Mahina xs. That why now 2k cc debt for xxl. I have a Gucci icon but I never use because it's suede I'll have to list I guess. Boooo she's pretty to look at on the shelf
  11. I'm on ban island from bags but maybe I'll be back with some slg's ;)
  12. Yes, I should row to ban island too, spent about the same amount of money in the past 5 months on LV. But I still want a bag in DA :-s ...
    After this I am def done with LV for the summer.
  13. Me! I've bought about 6 or 7 bags in the past 6 months. I'm possibly holding out for my first chanel (a mini) and then I need to stop for a couple years as I need to save for a new car and a mortgage 😩 if only life didn't have to get in the way of my love for bags! Haha
  14. Help me what is a SLG? I know I'll think Duhhh when you tell me. I bid today I need Handbags Anoymous. Anyone what to be my sponsor? I'm totally serious I need support here
  15. small leather goods =)
    (wallet, agenda, pouch, key cles, tech cases, key holders…etc.)
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