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  1. Sorry, it took soo long to post. I've been busy catching up on work since I took yesterday off. Anyways, I only ended up going to the Coach outlet once & that was on Saturday. I wanted to go Sunday but when we got back from WaterCountry it was already closed. Why would any mall close at 6 PM? Monday we left alittle earlier than planned (8:30AM) & it didn't open til 10. :crybaby: So, we did some sight seeing & ate at some great restaurants.

    Back on topic..This is the only Coach outlet that I've been to that carries signature. Yeah!!!:yahoo: They had some totes that I've never ever seen at the full retail stores..so I take it that it's just made for outlets. They had about 5 of the black signature flaps w/ snakeskin trim for $149.00 - 20% off. So gorgeous! But, I decided to get the last lilac flap w/ white trim. I thought I would have gone back so I didn't purchase the black snakeskin flap right away. Oh well I don't need three flaps anyways. They had some canvas daphnes, small legacy, ombre tote. If you have any questions as to what they had just ask.

    Here is a picture of my new babies:
  2. Yay! I'm glad you had a great time! And what pretty purchases... I love the lilac and white combo! :love:
  3. Welcome back! They are very pretty.
  4. OMG! You got the lilac one and there was the snakeskin flap?! OMG! I want both of those! LOL! Lucky you! Thanks for letting me know the pricing though. I don't want to be gouged on eBay.
  5. Congrats! Cute bag and a great color. By the way I LOVE WATERCOUNTRY! It's such a good time, I always feel like a little kid when I go.
  6. Yeah..when I got to the outlet the black snakeskin flap said $270.00 the SA there said it was supposed to be marked down further to $149.00 & 20% off of that..such a great price! As for the lilac flap & mini skinney got them both for $150.00. HAHA..I was so proud of myself that I didn't spend a fortune there. I brought $500.00 w/ me just to spend there..but I'll save it for another bag I want.
  7. Soooo pretty! :smile: If you don't mind me asking, how much was the mini skinny? I'm just trying to figure out if its worth waiting a month to be about to go to an outlet :biggrin:

    EDIT: Heh, I just read your above post. Nevermind :biggrin:
  8. AWESOME purchases :o)
  9. Those are very cute and the color is gorgeous!
  10. Cute stuff. I adore that color!

  11. I LOVE that color! I bought a wallet in it not too long ago at my outlet. great bag!
  12. I swear that lilac is my absolute favorite in the signature line that coach has - I think it makes the c's pop more and is soooo summery!
  13. Beautiful, beautiful!
  14. Oh yea I forgot to mention the SA there said that the outlets will be getting the denim patchwork wallets, demis, & wristlets next week. So, I might have to hit up my local outlet (Leesburg) to snatch up the demi.
  15. i love the braided part of the buckle!!
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