I'm back with new names for my puppy...HELP!

  1. In 3 weeks we are bringing our little white cockapoo home. My kids are trying to decide on a name. We had narrowed it down to two and now more names have been thrown into the mix. I think we will just see her and then be better able to name her but here is the list. Tell me your favorite one please!

    Isabel (izzy)
  2. I like Daisy.
    Dont forget to post pic's when you get her!!
  3. Ella. :smile:
  4. Yeah I am favoring Ella too. :smile:
  5. Miley and Daisy are my favourites :tup:
  6. Daisy and Izzy. Cute notes for little dogs.
  7. My 5 month old Cockapoo is named Chloe (cause Hermes and Balenciaga just sounded stupid!), I picked the puppy and my daughter picked the name. She really is more like a Daisy and I wish that was what her name was. But Chloe is good.

    I say go for Daisy. Congrats on your new baby!
  8. i like Daisy then Ella.
  9. Ella or Mylie.
  10. ps. congrats!
  11. I like Ella. I've heard a dog's name shouldn't be more than 2 syllables as well (something to keep in mind as the kids are debating). Congrats on the new addition can't wait to see pics. :smile:
  12. i like izzy!
  13. Izzy
  14. Isabel/Izzy!
  15. Izzy or Daisy!