Im Back!!! With new Baby (SPRING 06 SOANA SACOCHEE MM) Come see Pictures!!!


Je Aime Vuitton
Nov 15, 2006
Middle of Nowhere
OMFG IM Back you guys!!! after taking for ever with my whole moving dilema anyway like I promised im back with a new baby and it's so gorgeous there's no words to descrive I had allready taken pics with my digi cam but someone stold it boo oh well time for a new one I been dying for a nikon well without further ado I present to you the Spring Summer 2006 Soana Sacochee MM in Maroon Fonce it was sofa king dificult to get but thanx to my lovelly sa's I got the last one on the company I feel so speciall lol well here it is and yes it fit's alot and it fits in my shoulder and you can't have it muahahaha...

enjoy and do the happy dance with me.




Feb 13, 2007
los angeles, ca
welcome back LMM!!! i looooooooveeeee the soana!!! i was *this* close to buying a soana sac plat for myself. the leather is TDF! you have lots of catching up to do on the forum!! :happydance: