I’m back!! With my unexpected new H bag…!

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  1. Sorry I've been so out of touch!

    I started planning a couple of events, and the interest in them spiraled so fast I had to make them my big priority. The details swallowed me alive. I didn't sign on TPF for weeks and weeks! I had major H forum widthdrawal!! :sweatdrop:

    So.... a few days ago I'm short on time. Tired. Just had my hair done but I still have to go meet with a few final vendors. But I needed something for DH. I wanted a little something, for when we're alone after and finally have a chance to relax. He loves french cuffs, so why not cufflinks?

    I dashed over to H. I mean, I was in Alaska anyway after my hairdresser apt (she’s worth the drive hehe).

    I walked in and ask for my S.A. He immediately offered me something to drink; I must have seemed so frazzled! Usually I adore a visit to H, a chance to go slow, enjoy the sights and smells, but that day I made myself blinded to it's beauty. After all, I was there for DH! We walked over to cufflinks and chose a stunning little pair. As he was getting a box, etc I noticed a woman and her friend taking her new S.O. bag out of the box, a really beautiful bag. I commented on how pretty it was, Raisin? No, it was Ebene. I was too far away to see exactly (so blind!). A deep chocolate, maybe more like Parisian coffee. Pretty. I refocused.

    S.A. asked about anything else, I mentioned a bottle of Eau des Merveilles but he was sold out. Bummer! I had considered wearing it to my events, but I try to go with the flow of those things. It must not have been fate. He mentioned the new boutique-only fragrances and gave me a sample to try instead. Oh, and by the way, they are lovely.

    We then went over to wrap the links. While we were talking, I mentioned the woman’s gorgeous Ebene bag. “Just lovely”, he agreed with a sly grin. Puzzled, when I questioned his cute smile, he nodded and said - "that one?"


    It was sitting alone at the same table where the women had been. She had turned it down. But not me. I whipped back around and said “I’ll take it!”

    I’ve been talking about wanting a new Hermes bag on TPF for so long I’ve probably worn the ladies here out! Kelly? Birkin? Bolide? What would I get? What size? What leather?

    Now THIS was fate. After all the casual visits to H, the “run in real quick!” stop for a present for DH was my deciding day. I saw her, and knew she was the right one. She was me, from feet to clasp! :yahoo:

    She arrived yesterday afternoon but I couldn’t post until today. She’s quite warm, and would like some air. And I’d really like some coffee!!

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  2. OPEN IT!!!!! lol
  3. It was really hard not ripping into the box like a little kid at Christmas...!

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  4. I have the patience of a 3 year old *jumping up and down* whatsinitwhatsinitwhatsinitwhatsinitwhatsinitwhatsinit????????
  5. LoL She's shy, so I'm sorry if it takes a few minutes for her to venture out...

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  6. *fidgeting madly*
  7. OMG!!!!!!!!! Congrats!! You are so luckey......it def. was meant to be for you!!
  8. Now a little leg...er, handle...

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  9. Gorgeous.......so far!
  10. And now a little SexyBack.... <<doin a little happy dance while she types>>

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  11. And for her Grand Finale.... showing all her graces for everyone to see!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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  12. lol, cal -- i always knew you and i were long-lost sisters.

    angel, that's yummy -- ebene clemence?
  13. [​IMG]

    GORGEOUS, congrats!!
  14. OMG I hate these threads lol!!! That is beautiful!! Congrats...
  15. whats the leather?
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