i'm back! what'd i miss?

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  1. There's no way I'm gonna read through all the threads while I've been gone for a week and a half... :wtf:

    What'd I miss? Any new info or important stuff? Any fun stuff? Hehe.

    I'm so horrible... I'm still wanting a Inferno Mamma Mia (but only with the pink ipod listening devil girl), and I bought a Paradiso Buon Viaggio. *lmao* But it had the print placement I wanted, and I got it for $120. So I had to have it. I was feeling guilty because I was trying to hold out for the Inferno. :sad: And the bf was no help, "You should buy whatever you want." Hahahaha.

    Anyway, no one in Savannah or the area I was staying had tokidoki nor did anyone even know what the hell it was. Oh well. :shrugs:
  2. welcome back...there sure was alot of posts while you were gone..did you have fun where ever you were at? :biggrin: congrats on your Paradiso BV! i hope you find your Inferno MM! :biggrin:
  3. Yeah, it was nice. I hated the 12 1/2 hour flight out there and the 17+ hour flight back... But it was really nice to spend time with my best friend and her toddler daughter. We just hung out a lot, went to Target, ate at Olive Garden... Hehehe. :graucho:

    So what's the scoops???
  4. wow seems like you had a mini vacation...i would love to take a plan ride...

    hmm...there was soo many things that were mentioned i dont even know where to begin...20% at pulse on pirata and adios star items until 3/31, the may day exchange (if you joined), the mamma mia style is discontinued :crybaby: so your last chance to get it is in pirata & adios star, and some of the members' qee appendages fell off :sad:
  5. lol vmasterz, thats a pretty good synopsis!! :biggrin:

    Welcome back maya. When are we gonna have a hawaii TPF tokidoki day?
  6. Thank you Toki:heart:
  7. Maya, welcome back! Are you still :drool: for your Inferno Mamma Mia? :graucho: I saw one at Nordstrom and it's still full price, no sale :sad:

    It's very :sad: to know that Mamma Mia is being discontinued (I hope it's not true though) :crybaby:
  8. it might be true, it seems like they have to remove some styles to bring in new ones...like angioletto, mamma, bellabella, carmellina, cangurino are discontinued..

  9. That's soooooooooooo dangerous... Have you gone to the outlet lately? Do they still have stuff left there? Well, if we do have a day, it'd have to be on a weekend, since weekdays are ultra hectic for me until about 8 pm. You guys are gonna kill me. *lol*

  10. I am still looking for the Inferno MM (or a BV if I feel there's no MM hope). But I only want it if it has the placement I want... I really want the pink devil listening to the ipod and the watermelon devil (it's my fave fruit). It's just hard because those two characters are pretty far apart so the placement would have to be just right... I really have to hold out for that placement because I'm feeling really guilty for impuslively buying that Paradiso BV yesterday (even though it was the print placement I wanted)!!

    I really can't wait until the collaboration stops... Damn you, tokidoki!! *lol* :cursing: :roflmfao:
  11. its not stopping just yet! isnt there one with hellokitty?? :lol: at least im glad i dont have to worry about the upcoming prints they dont appeal to me as much as transporto does so im holding out for that one..i just hope it looks good..!
  12. I think transporto is the next one after amore for me too unless my husband has me committed by then.
  13. I really want watermelon now. That sounds so good. :yahoo:
  14. hm...i think its spiaggia next cuz its a summer scene in Hawaii:confused1: i always thought transporto is last:confused1: :lol: idk...:roflmfao:

    speaking watermelon...my mouth is beginning to water! heee
  15. Don't worry annie b-- we would come and rescue you!!