I'm back! What did y'all get?

  1. I tried combing through the threads but there are so many:lol: . Maybe you girls can fill me in on your fabulous new acquisitions in one handy thread? I'm now on my shopping ban...need to do some vicarious living!
  2. Welcome Back Style!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I found my dream bag!!!!!!!!! ~flat brass hobo!!!:yahoo:
    Also I got a white toilet case!!!! It's so cute!!!!!!:tender:

  3. I ordered a grass green city and a vermillion coin purse i prolly won't have it for abt a week but i'll post pics when it comes
  4. A rose twiggy and gray shrug:

  5. OMG:nuts: !!! THE HOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOO:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    You must be over the moon. It's bee-yoo-tee-ful! Love the clutch too but oh my, that hobo...:love:
  6. Thanks Style!!!!!!!!!!:heart: Did you get anything??????????:shrugs:
  7. mint grey first!! first bbag too!!!!

    and now either a ink day or ink city..
  8. You all got such lovely things! I had a Truffle City tucked away for Christmas...but now I'm:banned:
    I had a very bag-free Christmas (my family is totally not that 'type', I don't know where I got it) and no B-Bags in Jamaica so I have been jonesing!
    Ronda- love that rose, it's one of the prettiest colours:heart: . Aarti- I LOVE that gray, I think it's my favourite of all the grays!
    Keep it coming, I feel like a junkie getting my 'fix':p
  9. hey style!!!! welcome back!!! I bought a black box... I don't remember if you commented on my thread or not! but she's a cutie! You should get one too!!!!! :yes:
  10. Hello. I am new to the forum. Hope you enjoyed your holiday. Sunshine is just what I need right now in cold cold Edinburgh!

    The black Purse Bag and Sapin Work are Christmas new. Lilac city has been around since spring.
  11. stylefly - i have nothing to report :crybaby: my ass is BANNED from buying B-Bags... but hehehe, I did get a LV piece though :roflmfao: BUT seriously, on a BAN so nothing to report... :push: sorry to disappoint!
  12. Welcome back, Stylefly :yahoo:
    I hope you had a great time!!

    This is what I got...
    2003 Black First w/ Pewter hardware :love:
  13. Hi and welcome back!!!!

    a Giant Brief in Naturel and a Lilac City 04:love: :love:
    Bale 030.jpg
  14. My new ink city. I took it out for the first time yesterday and I am in love. I was afraid I would have an accident because I couldn't stop staring at it.

  15. my new addition is still otw, but i only can tell u it's another weekender :yahoo: