I'm Back @ Vegas Hermes!!!!

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  1. hi ladies!!! DH and i are here in vegas AGAIN!! we were here over thanksgiving weekend for my SIL's wedding, but i was sooooo busy i didn't get a change to go to hermes. so had to make up this trip!!! stopped by the store about an hour ago to buy xmas presents for DH's fave dealers and pit boss: body lotion/perfume/twilly gift set and a couple scarves. we were kinda in a rush cause DH had the blackjack table on hold for him so we had to hurry it up with the shopping. but anyway, i wanted to let u all know what they had on display for now.....will be going back tomorrow when i have more time.

    -potiron potomus toile JPG birkin $8400
    -32cm fuschia ostrich PH birkin $13000
    -32cm black vibrato kelly
    -32cm orange vibrato kelly
    -fuschia croc constance

    that's all i can remember for now. will check back with u all after i go again tomorrow. DH is in bellagio's BJ tournament tomorrow morning, so i'll take that time to sneak away to H on my own! hehehe alrighty.....time to go have dinner with DH!!! hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!!!
  2. Ooooo .... back in Vegas again! What a life! :drool: :drool: :drool: Have loads of fun, PBC!

    Wish your DH best of luck for his BJ tournament tomorrow!
  3. Have a nice time!!! Sounds like a blast.
  4. My Las Vegas SA called me about that Kelly and the JPG, too bad I had to decline ... I should send her a Thank You note:yes:

    Have fun at Vegas!! I wish I am there again
  5. keep us posted pbc!!!!
  6. hermesBB...what a beautiful avatar:nuts: ...ist it yours? I love it!
  7. OMG! Is that your dog??? So cute!
  8. That doggie is a "masterpiece!" love it!
  9. My puppy needs a friend!!!! HermesBB's pup is sooo cute.
  10. Sounds like fun!!! how much for the black kelly???
  11. lucky the lv boutique is a fun one. is it true they close at midnight?
  12. thanks everyone!!! fingers crossed that DH will do well in his BJ tournament tomorrow!! 1st place is $150,000!!!! 2nd place is $100,000!! imagine how much hermes stuff i can buy with that!!!!! whoohoooo!!! there's also a poker tournament going on here and there are camera crews and crowds galore!!! so i'm assuming it's on tv right now!

    filfils: i will ask the price for the blk kelly tomorrow when i go back

    elizabeth: yes, it's true!! all the boutiques at bellagio close at midnight everyday!!!

    HBB: ur puppy is sooooooooooooooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!!!
  13. PBC......you MUST pick up something lovely for yourself at Hermes!!!!! Keep us posted!!!
  14. Ahhhh, Las Vegas....have fun!!
  15. yes, PBC, i think you need another kelly this time! good luck to your DH!