I'm back to Prada!!...Pics of my new baby!!

  1. I thought I was over the Prada nylon bags but when I laid eyes on this beauty I fell deeply in love!!! Its got the softest leather rolled handles and stunning gold hardware :yahoo:
    DSC02181.JPG DSC02182.JPG DSC02187.JPG
  2. YOWSA!!!!!!!!!! Post a modeling pic!!!!! Love it too...Congrats!!!!!!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. Hold on...will post modelling pics...
  5. yeah!!!!!loves it!!!!
  6. Here you go with the modelling pics!!!
    DSC02194.JPG DSC02196.JPG DSC02197.JPG DSC02198.JPG
  7. very nice! congrats..you look great with it
  8. Thanks! She's stunning!!!The gold hardware makes it look so elegant and the handles are super soft and comfy. I'm glad prada's reinventing its image. I got bored with their collection the past few years but now I think Im getting hooked. I may have to bid farewell to LV for now :graucho:
  9. Wow, what a gorgeous bag!! Tho' I've never been big on nylon bags, this one is really making me reconsider............:drool:
  10. If this had another strap I'd be all over it....Sharp!!!!!
  11. Me too! Was never a fan of the nylon pradas except for the backpack that I use for the gym. This one I couldnt resist! :drool:
  12. Very nice and a great size for you too! Love the gold detailing!
  13. it looks lovely :smile: I love the zipper+lock
  14. love the lock too :tup:
  15. love how the handles are attached to the bag on that -- like the patent fade I lusted after so much !!