I'm back... ;) *pics*

  1. Well a few of you did guess it right!

    It's a Tambour Large Quartz Brown Dial w/ Brown Alligator strap!

    Opening up the box for the first time was amazing, everyone was watching me lol... When I first saw it, I thought to my self WOW that is small lol but the more I look at it, the more I LOVE it! It's perfect!

    I was pretty much molested at the Saks LV lol ahhh they all loved it! Everyone loved it actually, I made it noticeable so all could see! :yahoo: :nuts:

    Saw a couple fake lv bags but not major, saw some of the f/w shoes for men and women and I told my self to leave lol

    I played with the linda scarf bag... some accessories, it was a good time!
    DSC01306.JPG DSC01308.JPG DSC01310.JPG DSC01312.JPG DSC01313.JPG DSC01314.JPG DSC01315.JPG DSC01316.JPG DSC01317.JPG
  2. very very nice... now you need to post pics of you sporting the watch!
    how much was it?? :love:
  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    THAT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
    Congratulations on such a beautiful watch!!!! Can't wait to see pics of you wearing it too!!! Sooooooooooooo jealous!!!!:love:
  4. Omg,:nuts: This watch is stunning. So gorgoeus, even the box is beautiful.
    Congrats, Matt.
  5. beautiful watch, congratulations!!!!
  6. Well when I first wanted the watch before the increase it was $2.1k with a matte leather strap... then it went up to $2.2k after the increase, well I told her that I wanted the $2.2k one, she said well we changed it to come standard with an alligator strap of your choice and its now $2,350.00 they discontinued the matte calf strap but they had 1 left and I almost bought it but then I changed my mind last minute and got this one! Free shipping so the grand total was $2,491.00 with tax!
  7. WOW. Effing hott watch. Congrats Matty!!! :biggrin:
  8. I think that's the only LV watch I've seen that I like.. I usually prefer Chopard, Cartier or Chanel for watches and LV for bags lol but I must admit, that is very nice! Congrats :smile:
  9. N*I*C*E!!!!!!! I love the alligator strap on it.... so glad you decided to go for that strap. No wonder everyone was ogling it ! It's gorgeous, Congratulations. (thanks for sharing the great pics too)
  10. Wow, that is nice, I'm afraid I might molest you too if I saw you wearing it
  11. Pics of me with it!

    dont mind the messy background or my pale body or my confused faces lol. I was trying to get the image to not be blurry!

    DSC01324.JPG DSC01325.JPG DSC01327.JPG
  12. You've never looked hotter...
  13. That watch is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Seriously it looks amazing on you, and I just love the combo you picked out! Congrats :party:
  14. Such a beautiful watch!!!
  15. That is so nice.Great purchase! :yahoo: