I'm back!!!! Pics of the new Bag!!!!!!

  1. Hi ladies, as you all know I went to LV today in Boston! It was a great trip! My SA was sooooo nice, she showed me a dozen bags.

    So without further adu.....

    Here she is.....L'Inoubliables (The Unforgetable)
    11.jpg 12.jpg 13.jpg 15.jpg
  2. Oooh! Guess you better update that ticker, eh?
  3. Me likeee!

    Is that a PM or MM??
  4. It is gorgeous!! The suspense is finally over! Congrats :flowers:
  5. Omg Love It!!!

    Silly question - Does it fit over your shoulder?
  6. Pretty- I love the white!
    Congrats :heart:
  7. Woah! That is one hot bag! I haven't seen anyone carrying it yet, maybe it means that a trip to LV is overdue!

    I actually like your choice a lot better than most of the suhali bags; I find a lot of them pretty showy, and yours is understated and classy. Great choice!
  8. They're HEEEEEEEEEERE!!!!! I didn't know they were limited to 1000, crap now I have to choose between that & the Miroir. I am certain this is the one for me, did you see the black one, is it as pretty as the white is?
    Congratulations that is one gorgeous bag.
  9. :amazed: What a great bag! :girlsigh:
    Congrats, enjoy her!
  10. hehehee. I looks great. :smile:
  11. Wow, that is one gorgeous bag!! Congrats!
  12. I've never seen that before! Congrats!
  13. oh i love it

    so did you pick up anything at hermes?
  14. It's about f*ing time...you sure kept us in suspense!:P

    But it was well worth it for that beauty. The color is great for summer, and she looks lovely on you!
  15. Stunning bag, it looks wonderful on you.

    What colors does the bag come in ?