I'm back!! Pics of my latest purchases

  1. Happy holidays TPFers! I missed you guys! :nuts:Here are my latest purchases (Well, I bought them on different dates but they were all in December).

    I'm so happy that I finally found a nice BV messenger and in Ferro too! :yahoo: Of course, I've wanted the noce cabat for a while now :drool:and just when I thought "Enough!", my SA called to say that the Ottone Cabat in Medium has arrived. :wtf:Crap. Am on a major purse-ban now...:sweatdrop:

    Hope you all had a good Christmas! I've got lots of catching up to do (reading the posts I missed):yes:
    Ferro Messenger.jpg Noce Cabat.jpg Ottone Cabat.jpg All three.jpg
  2. omigod, krustycrabcakes, what a fantastic haul! 2 cabats... and a messenger... you totally deserve a standing ovation! i am completely oogling your ottone cabat! :nuts:

    action pics, pretty please! :girlsigh:
  3. WOW! 2 Cabats and a messenger. I'm speechless. Congrats!
  4. :nuts:

    You've really outdone yaself now! 2 Cabats and a Messenger! In Ottone AND Ferro! :choochoo:
  5. WOW! You did well! WOW, what fabulous Cabats and TWO of them. Envious, but happy for you, Krustycrabcakes!:happydance:
  6. Wow, fantastic BV collection. :nuts:
  7. Oh my goodness, you`re in Bv heaven right now, aren`t you, crabkakes? I love the wrinkled Nappa of the messenger bag and I think I don`t need to say a word to those gorgeous Cabats of yours!
  8. wow crabcakes!
    wat can i say!?
    fantastic haul and i am soooo droooling over your cabats! in ottone!
    enjoy them!
  9. what a wonderful christmas!!!

  10. okay, i think i'm officially jealous of your cabats and a something in ferro :drool:
  11. Wow! What an amazing haul!! :wtf:

    Love the cabats....must add one of those to my BV collection.....:graucho:
  12. Krustycrabcakes,they are beautiful bags and beautiful colors. Enjoy them in good health!
  13. Wowsa! The best reason for Purse Ban I've seen yet! :drool: Lovely bags that would be impossible to top... enjoy them!
  14. wow wow wow, fantastic, just faaantastic!!! especially love the ottone caba.:tender: congratulations!!!
  15. Thanks you guys!! *BIG HUGS* When I started arranging the bags with camera in hand to take pictures, my DH grinned and rolled his eyes. hahaha. In fact, when I was paying for the Ottone Cabat, he said, "Hey, I've got something to show you. Let's go..." and tried to drag me out of the store. Well, it's my own money so :yucky: to him!! (I'm SO rationalizing those purchases right now...)