I'm back!!! Here's an eye candy!

  1. I'm back!!!!!!! I'm so touched that you guys were waiting for my Tuesday update!

    I was in NYC, Miami and Greece the past 2 weeks. I missed you guys and here's an eye candy for my coming Tuesday update.

    Birkin with Van Gogh's "Starry Nights" at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC

    Garden Party PM at the beautiful village of Oia in the island of Santorini, Greece

    A panoramic view of Oia in Santorini, Greece
  2. Hey, cuz, welcome back! Good to see you again!!!:flowers:
  3. Oh!!! I :heart: these pictures. LaVan, you're awesome! And Greece looks amazing.
  4. Welcome back LaVan!!! We missed you! Love the pix...looking forward to the full update!
  5. whoa La Van is back!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Love the pictures!!! Lovely lovely lovely!!!!
  6. welcome back lavan! can't wait to see more pics!
  7. OMG those pictures are amazing!!! Welcome back!
  8. :nuts: WELCOME BACK!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    Those are such amazing photos. Glad to see Birkin out getting some culture. ;)

    Can't wait to hear all about your adventures!
  9. Gorgeous pics!
  10. Welcome back, LaVan! Now I really can't wait for Tuesday!!
  11. Welcome back!!! Lovely pictures of your GP and greece..
    Wow! Greece is really breathtaking!
  12. Gorgeous photos!
  13. Wow!! Amazing pictures!! Thanks for taking me along your trip thru the computer screen:heart:

    Hope you had a GREAT time and welcome back!
  14. welcome back and lovely photos you got there..
  15. Glad you are back.... you have been missed ....:yes: