I'm Back From Woodbury!!!

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  1. My boyfriend and I showed up to the outlets in the early afternoon, and after much searching for the LeSportsac (it was stuck in a corner! Hiding from me!)... I found a cute selection of bags!

    For anyone who is interested, they have bianco, fumo, pirata, OP, adios star, inferno, and paradiso~

    Gioco (1)

    Scuola (1)
    Denaro (2)
    Zucca (1)

    Bella (1)
    Bambinone (1) - I'd watch out with this, part of the print on the back is all blurry :sad:
    Ciao Ciao

    Adios Star
    Nuvola (2)

    Trenino (1)


    Trenino (1)
    Luna (1)
    Bambino (1)

    If you want to call and make sure, I might have forgotten a few of the bag styles... I know for sure that those are the only Inferno, Paradiso, and OP bags they had~

    NOWWWWW for a personal tale~ I had called earlier in the day asking for which prints they had in stock, and the girl mentioned Inferno, and when I asked which bags she told me that they only had the Trenino and the Luna. So, I was somewhat dissappointed~ BUT when I showed up, I found an Inferno Ciao amongst the bella bags!!!!! I HAD to snag it up~ :p Here are pictures:




    aaaahhhhhh!!! Okay, okay now my ban is OFFICIAL. NO MORE. Don't let me get any more!! :p I LOVE MY CIAO!! :yahoo: (Darn saleslady, not telling me the truth!)
  2. do you know what the zucca looked like? did it have good placement?
  3. p.s. i love your ciao!
  4. O:huh:Oh bad Dancing Nancies, you were just supposed to browse. :p

    Really cute Inferno Ciao though, it was ban-breaking-worthy. :smile:
  5. Thank you!! :p Mmm, there were several zuccas, and I don't really remember specific placement on them :sad: Sorry... I do think I remember seeing that poky blue cat thing, though (I don't know his name!)~
  6. haha well I wasn't really going to get anything, since the bella didn't have placement that I really liked, and the bambinone was blurry... but once I saw the ciao, I thought "well, that's it" :p I could never pass that up!
  7. i neeeeeeeed an adios zucca with awesome placement. woodbury doesn't do print placement anymore, right? blast! saaaaadness.
  8. Oh I totally understand, I can't even get to the point of committing to STARTING a ban yet (although I *really need to*).
  9. Well hopefully mine will hold up... I don't think my BF has faith in me anymore, though :cry:

  10. I don't know if Woodbury does anymore... I've actually never ordered from them over the phone or anything~ You could try =/ That'd suck if they didn't, though :sad:
  11. Oh boy! I can't help staring at your Ciao - I am a sucker for Ciao and Ciao2! Congrats, yeap, worth the ban breaking!!! I live in the city and have never visited Woodbury, lol ... but judging from the bags they have there, I can safely say, my Woodbury Virginity will stay intact!
  12. ohhh LOVE the ciao!!! too cute!
  13. Darn it, Dancing Nancies you're a bad influence- you're supposed to be helping to set a good example of those on a ban and you go and get a CUTE bag!!!!
    Now where's that number for the Woodbury outlet, hmmm......:search:
  14. Woodbury Virginity!

  15. OMG your Ciao is sooo adorable!! I just got my ciao ciao today, but I'm a sucker for little things and your Ciao is to die for!! It's perfect!!