I'm back from the outlet with my Audrey tons of pics!!

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  1. Well I love it as much as I thought I would. This is one incredible bag and congrats to all who have snagged it and lots of luck to those looking!! My outlet had TONS of new FP bags. It's the Carlsbad Ca. outlet. So if anyone is not too far from there they have tons of stuff.

    The SA that rang me up kept on flipping my bag over and over onto the counter which I didn't understand but the hardware was banging and banging and I wanted to yell please stop!!! But then she did and then 30 seconds later she was doing it again. So is there some kind of sensor in the bag or something I don't get that? You won't catch me slamming it down on any counters. lol

    So here she is!! I had fun trying to take some pretty pics of her but even though I have a great camera I am not good with it. I need to learn a lot more. I love the color on this bag and all the hardware. This is my first croc bag and I would say I am a croc lover for life now. There is a little mark on the front not sure if that's just the way it is or if you can see it in the pics but it's doesn't bother me. I don't know if they even had anymore because I looked at the deletes while my DH paid and didn't see anymore Audreys over there unless I missed them or they were in the back. I love the strap on this bag it's very pretty too.


    And I could not pass up that adorable ocelot coin purse!! The last two times I was there they didn't have it so I was thrilled to see it because it was a must have for me!!

    Finally me with the bag. I am 5 2' just fyi. Please excuse my unmade bed it's super hot here today and I was too excited to make it before we left also please excuse the paint splatters on the mirror we painted our bedroom and paint got on the mirror and we have yet to scrape it off. lol

    Hope that wasn't too many pictures!!
  2. It's beautiful and looks great on you! I love that coin purse too.
  3. very nice! looks great on you! I love the color...

    they do have sensors in the bags...the little black and white plastic bar things. they're small so even though they seem to try to take them out, sometimes there's a bunch in random places so they run them over the counter that has the desensitize thingy in it. some SA's do it a little more enthusiastically than others...

    btw, you did good with the camera!
  4. Congrats on getting your Audrey! I love seeing all the reveals of this yummy purse. :smile:
  5. Sheesh, the bag is gorgeous and looks FABULOUS on you!! I so totally wish I could rock this bag, but it just ain't gonna happen. CONGRATS to the girls that can, it is one hot looking bag...
  6. Yay! Congrats!! I love mine to death. I purchased a new bag after my Audrey and the newest one just doesn't cut it for me. I think it's because there's not many that can compare to my purple croc Audrey!!
  7. Congrats-she's beautiful!!
  8. She looks good on you....congrats.
  9. You scored some real beauties!!
  10. Gorgeous bag! Congrats! I am seriously thinking of scouring the Bay for a croc carryall after seeing all these pretty croc bags!
  11. Wow, Miss Audrey certainly is a stunner:love: ... congrats on snagging her, enjoy!
  12. Looks great on you!!
  13. Amazing pictures!!! Congrats!!!:yahoo:
    The croc Audrey is a very popular bag on this forum...I have this on my wishlist but it is way too pricey for me right now...might change my mind when I see it in real life though...
    Does the front zippers work? Are those extra pockets in front?
  14. Thanks so much everyone! I just love her!

    I agree it seems to be a popular bag. I think maybe there are a lot of croc lovers? This was on my wishlist as well and honestly I didn't think I would get one. The price was above what I usually spend. Usually my limit is 500 don't ask me why. Guilt? Not that I'm judging anyone else that's for sure!!! lol That and the husband, he starts to bawk when they hit the 400 range which this bag was just over with the 30%. So I am grateful she went to the outlet and that I was able to score one before they are gone from there. My outlet is a bit of a drive so I can't pop in and hunt bags down very easily. I have been drooling over this one since I saw it in the window of my FP store when I wen to get a wristlet for my cell phone.

    The zippers on the front do work! You can use them however they are narrow so they will fit say a cell phone nicely. Depending on the length. I have an Evo and they're huge so I won't be putting it in there. But iphone would fit nice.
  15. Pretty bag! Looks great on you!