I'm back from SFO- come and see what I got

  1. I am back from my wonderful trip to San Francisco and we had a wonderful time. The views are breathtaking and the weather was fantastic. My son also loved it and and special thanks to Upswife:tup: for all of the awesome suggestions. He really loved the Exploritorium and Fisherman's Wharf.

    I rented a car just so that I could go to the outlets. I went to Petaluma first and then we drove to Vacaville. I told the concierge at the hotel what I wanted to do and she thought that I was trying to accomplish too much in one day. I assured her that I am a major league shopper and I enjoy a good shopping challenge. I found a bag that I liked in Petaluma but when I got to Vacaville I saw one that I liked a lot better so I exchanged it.

    I also brought my first Burberry so I included it in the picture also. I have been shopping in New York and Chicago and I think that I like San Francisco the best. We stayed at the Hilton downtown and we were able to walk to everything. There is lots and lots of upscale shopping. I was not really on a upscale budget but I had lots of fun looking.

    I was finally able to get the Coach wallet that I have been wanting. I was not able to find it at the outlet but I got talked into doing a timeshare presentation that offered me a $125 Macy's gift card. I also used the 11% visitor shopping pass so I only ended have to come up with $76 and that included tax. :yahoo:
  2. Sounds like you had a great time!! Enjoy your new things!!
  3. Awesome finds!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. Beautiful! What great reminders of a wonderful trip! Congrats they are all gorgeous! :tup:
  5. Great choices...very classic...you will enjoy them for a very long time! Congrats...hope you enjoyed your trip to Cali!:flowers:
  6. I ADORE San Francisco. It's truly my favorite city in the world, so far anyway! :smile: If I could afford to live there, I totally would.

    Wow, your outlet purchases are amazing! I'm envious. I think someday I may get a Burberry too, I just love that plaid. :smile:

    Don't you just love timeshare presentations? My mom and I got suckered into buying Trendwest, but even after that we still went to another one just to get the free gifts. *L*
  7. Great finds.
    I love the weather in SF.
    Glad you had a wonderful time.:tup:
  8. Love it all! Especially the coach wallet and the ergo tote!! I was able to get my last coach bag from a timeshare presentation that gave me $150 credit, that is so awesome!!!! :yahoo:
  9. How much did you get the zip around wallet for? The first one behind the khaki/brown mini skinny...
  10. I got the wallet for $76. I retails for $208 and I was able to use the 11% Macy's visitor discount and then I had the gift cards for $125 from the time share. I was only out of pocket $76.
  11. wow, great buys! I only live about 2 1/2 hours away from SF but I haven't been there in years(hate the traffic!). I'm hoping to get over there next month for my bday, though.
  12. Congrats! Love the Burberry! (And the Ergo!)
  13. aw man! i love the vacaville outlets! i live in CA, so i know all the outlets! vacaville is the best, but there's also a coach outlet at the gilroy outlets and the napa outlets. but i'm glad that you got great stuff, congrats!
  14. Wow--great purchases!!
  15. Congrats on all the great new goodies! Love the turquoise!