I'm back from SF!

  1. Hi everyone!!! Well, we just got home and I rushed up the stairs to grab my laptop right away. :lol: I went back to H today and the 25cm ostrich birkin was already gone. But in its place there was the most gorgeous Rouge Garance HAC in epsom with silver hw. It was so beautiful I am not normally a big epsom fan but wow! It was $7000. Someone get it!!! :yahoo:
    They had only finished one window so far. I tried to take a pic but the sun was too glaring. There were two mannequins one holding a Rouge H Bolide(they must have 2 because there's one in the case still) and one holding gloves.
    No other new bags today except for a small red suede Vespa. I saw the red Karo and it was really cute but I think I'm going to hold out for orange since I have an orange theme for my accessories.
    OK now I am going to try to get caught up on the threads. Missed you all!!!! :flowers:
  2. Lots to catch up on in here! Welcome back!
  3. Welcome back!!
  4. It sounds like you had a great time!!:yahoo:
  5. Welcome back CB!!!:yahoo:
  6. Welcome Home, H!!!!
  7. Yeah, you are back! Wow, sounds like you had a blast at H today!
  8. Thanks everyone! It was really fun but its good to be home. :yes: I am now working on a mountain of laundry! lol I ended up going to H about five times or so...:shame: I couldn't resist, it was like a magnet. :lol:
  9. crochetbella: are you in SF?

    *someone kick me in the head, im slow when it comes to these things*
  10. Welcome home! Did you bring any goodies back with you?
  11. Welcome back, H!!! ^^Yeah, did ya?:graucho:
  12. Glad you are back!!! Have a great weekend.
  13. Welcome back CB! I really need to stop reading these SF reports. That HAC sounds amazing. ME WANT 32cm HAC! I'm totally dying, but DH would have a FIT if another bag came before the year was over. I am sure that baby won't last long. :love:
  14. Welcome Back!!!!
  15. Sounds like someone had fun!