I'm back from Rodeo, come see what I got............

  1. so I took my mom shopping to Rodeo and DH said I could buy something............remember. Well we made the HUGE mistake of going into Fendi first and totally falling in love with this beautiful supple leather bag, called bucket. Anywho it was around $1630 and came in pewter. Gorgeous and super duper soft. But way too much $$$ for my mom to spend.

    Then we went into Gucci, LV and Coach. Didn't find my mom a bag that she wanted to buy (just the fendi) so she left w/nothing.

    I did buy something small though. I wanted to get an actual bag but we are going to Vegas in April for a Fri, Sat, Sun and DH has to work all day on Sat so I'm gonna be all alone shopping and wanting to buy something..........so I figured I'd wait and buy it then. Anyways, it's always easier to shop by yourself.

    So this is my V-Day present picked out by me but paid for by my DH!! :love:



    newlv1.jpg newlv2.jpg newlv3.jpg
  2. The new Amarante Cles!
  3. cles?
  4. ^^ I second that!
  5. Reveal! What did you get?
  6. Amarante coin?
  7. Amarante pochette cles ! :graucho:

    Sorry to hear that you didn't see anything else at LV though !
  8. cles? :popcorn:
  9. so Rebecca called it!! YAY! :yahoo:

    This is my first Vernis piece and I'm sooo excited......it's sooooo pretty.

    Okay it's hard to photograph the color of this but it's reminds me of black cherry. And thanks to all the EXTREMELY knowledgable LV lvoers on this forum, I made sure to check the back to make sure it wasn't missing the mono print on the back pocket and also to make sure I got one w/deep imprinting. I had 3 to choose from and picked out the best one.



    newlv4.jpg newlv5.jpg newlv6.jpg
  10. Gotta love them DHs... I need to find me one. I LOVE your clés... so pretty! CONgrats!
  11. woah! congrats... your shiny cles is gorgeous
  12. Congrats ! :yes:

    You made an awesome choice !
  13. AYLA - the Rodeo store really didn't have alot to look at as far as new stuff and they were much too busy to check out the new stuff coming in the look book. Seemed sorta rushed through there. So I'll just wait till April and then I can take my time and really see what I want and try it out.

    And as always, the cashier was a "you know what". Gosh that really irks me. Before her job at LV she worked at Planet Funk and she used to be super nice and talkative. Now that she works at LV, she's a biotch!
  14. very nice, congrats! Did you check out the LV Boutique at Saks a block away?
  15. :tup::tup:I knew it!