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  1. BONJOUR MES AMIES!!!!! Okay so I'm finally back from Paris and have some beautiful pics of my new H baby and goodies to share!!!! I also have pics of the GORGEOUS H window displays! Friday was the unveiling ceremony of their new windows but sadly I left that day:shame: All I have to say about the Mother Ship is....there is no H store like it in the world!!! BEAUTIFUL & GORGEOUS GOODIES!!! A feast for the eyes!!! AND CROWDED BEYOND BELIEF!!!! Everyone was scrambling to get their coveted handbag!

    Okay so here is my new BABY!!!:love:

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  2. Welcome Back!!! :yahoo: And congrats!!!
  3. AND SOME MORE PICS of my new baby and H BRACELET and my very FIRST pocket square! I think this pocket square is the most adorable thing. It reminds me of my baby son Noah, whom we brought on this trip w/ us, so this scarf will have very special memories for me!:love: :love: :love:

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  4. YAY!!! i counted 5 orange boxes!!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!
  5. WOW!!! You ladies are quick!!! I havent even finished uploading all my pics yet!!! LOL!!!!:graucho: :graucho: :graucho: Okay so these are pics of my new baby w/ my new special H pocket square...pls don't kill me! I really suck at tying these things, but I promise I will learn when I get the chance!!! Also DH got his first H tie!! Believe me, he DOES not wear bright colors and I almost fell to the floor when he said he wanted this one! Seriously I thought he was kidding about the color!!!! SO NOT HIM!!!

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  6. OMG....Moviegirl...gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!
    Love your Box Birkin, bracelet and scarf...excellent taste and choices!
  7. U CRACK ME UP, PBC!!!!! TOO DAMN OBSERVANT for your own good!!!!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :graucho: :graucho:
  8. OMG WOMAN you did some major damage!!!!! lol I love all of it!! Congrats!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  9. Moviegirl I've been hanging to see your new baby. What a fabulous choice. I was ridin' the rollercoaster with you from here.

    Congratulations (again..... and again and again :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: )

    My DH has that same tie too - it was his first also
  10. ok, so...

    box #1: birkin
    box #2: bracelet
    box #3: pocket square
    box #4: tie
    box #5: ????????????
  11. More pix, MG, more goodies!! More news!!!

    I loved seeing all that loot. Congratulations.
  12. Thanks babe for the welcome and congrats!!!:love:

    lovehermes Thanks! I'm glad you like my choices. SERIOUSLY this is the first time I've ever bought H accessories ever!!! My first two H buys were bags and after those purchases, couldn't justify spending anymore $$$ on H accessories but this trip was extra special!!!:love:

    wai bb I don't know what came over me!!! Yeah I didn't realize the damage I had done until I looked up my CC statement online!!! SHEESH!!!:shame: I'm glad that you love all of it bc I DO TOO!!!! Thanks!!!:heart:

    Handybags AWWW!!! That's sooo sweet!!! It was a rollercoaster ride the whole time I was there, exciting and frightening at the same time!! The first 2 nights I tossed & turned in bed & couldn't sleep! Silly, I know!!! Thanks for the congrats!! HAHAHA!!! so ur DH and my DH have twin ties!!!:yahoo:

    PBC I guess u'll have to wait til Christmas to find out what BOX #5 is!!!!:graucho: :hysteric:

    wongnumber LOL!!! Yes I'm trying to upload more pics as fast as I can while responding to ur posts!!! Will upload the beautiful H windows now!!!!
  13. :popcorn:

    Windows mmmmm.....
  14. MG, HUGE CONGRATS!!! I love your loot! That Birkin is stunning!:love::love::love: And I WANT that carriage bracelet. What other colours does it come in? :drool::nuts: Hey, I have the same colourway Triples pochette and DH has that tie! LOL!
  15. ^^^LIke I said before....:yahoo: CONGRATULATIONS!!!:yahoo:

    Was rooting for you and crossing fingers, toes, eyes, arms, legs....and sending you "GET A BIRKIN" vibes. LOVE ALL YOUR GOODIES, and love the meaning behind the Pouchette buy!!! Love the orange color!:yahoo: