I'm back from NYC, also! (Boohoo!)

  1. I went to H on Sat. and saw a beautiful orange Kelly in what looked to be a 32cm?.... SO pretty!
    There were also 2 huge birkins on display on a table. I totally forget the colors, though!!! I was so in awe of everything... This was my first time in an H boutique.
    I only bought a little Tiger keychain to put on my Kellys on impulse. :shame: It wasn't much, but i was happy to buy SOMETHING directly from H! :yahoo:(I saw the little Beaver, and immediately laughed to myself thinking of "custom griiilllzzzzz" lol.)

    The SA that helped me was Lee. He was very nice and i got his card in case i want to order something later. ;)

    The next day (Sunday), i decided that i NEEDED a scarf! So, we headed up to Bergdorf and hubby bought me a beautiful orange H scarf with horses on it. It's mainly orange, and it has fuschia stripes at the edge.
    The woman who helped me was super sweet and had me try on tons and we both agreed that this one was more "youthful" but still very "Hermes", and looked great with my dark hair and light complexion. :yes:

    I was going to buy a hologram Fendi Spy.... but, decided against it because it looked so.... floppy and boho. I'm too used to my Kellys!

    I'm sooo happy i was able to buy some little H things! I'll take pics later!

    (But i'm also sad to be back in my small town in Central PA....)
  2. Sounds like fun! I'd love to see the scarf... :smile:
  3. jenni, I live in a small Hermess-less town too:sad: It kind of spoils one, doesn't it, to be at the boutique amongst all those wonderful H pieces then go back home to "no Hermes to be seen" except what you, yourself, wear.

    Congrats, on your beautiful scarf and your keychain!
  4. Congrats!! sounds like a great trip - and I also live in a small town 1.5 hrs. away from the nearest store in Boston! Love it when I go, but love keeping the H things with me all the time - no matter where and what I do, I try to have a bracelet/scarf/bag with or on me! Enjoy your goodies!
  5. I'm glad you had a good time in NYC!!!
  6. It DOES spoil you! I was thinking, people might even look at me funny wearing a scarf around my neck where i live! jeez!
    My town is NOT the fashion industry of the world! :roflmfao:

  7. My Beaver's allover the place! :graucho:

    I want an Orange Kelly!
  8. Sounds like a fun trip! :yahoo: I love, love, love that tiger!!!:nuts:
  9. Wow ,I was also in Bergdoff Goodman on sunday....!
  10. It sounds like a lovely time...also, remember there are advantages to living in a town with no Hermes....less temptation.
  11. Glad you were able to get some H goodies!!! Congrats on ur wonderful finds!!! Enjoy them!!!!
  12. Congrats! The scarf sounds yummy- pics of you modelling it please! Lee is my SA too, he's great!
  13. So glad to hear you had a great time in NY! Can't wait to see the H goodies
  14. I always knew you were that kind of girl.:P

    Jennifleur, there's always a next time.
  15. Yes, there is! :yes: Maybe sometime soon-ish... although i think hubby will break down and cry if i get another bag so soon. lol.

    Japster, your beaver is totally everywhere! How embarrasing for me to be thinking about your beaver in Hermes! Jeez! :shame: