I'm back from new York

  1. well, right before I went to NYC I bought this beautiful 32 black box kelly from a nice person on eBay so I would have an Hermes to carry into the store when I went to try and score a birkin. With second thoughts because of the weather I left it at home and went empty handed. I met up with a reseller there and bought this beautiful almost new 35 black birkin in togo with GH. Now I was ready. I had the name of an SA thanks to the very lovely hermesgroupie. It was sunday so they didn't open until noon and I arrived a little early and didn't want to hang out with the other 10 people waiting for the store to open ( I was the only one with a birkin though and they were all looking). I walked around a little and then entered the store at 12:03. I asked for the SA whose name I was given and was told he was with a client but I could wait. I saw him pulling out a beautiful gold 35 birkin and then told the lady how lucky she was to walk in off the street and buy a birkin. Oh no, this could have been my birkin but I was 3 minutes too late. When he was all done, we met and he was so nice and sorry there were no birkins left. I bought this beautiful scarf and my agenda refill and said I would come back on my last day in NY. I came back but he never made it in to work. No one knew where he was. But a very nice SA took my cell phone # and said he would call me if he showed up. An hour later I got the call, He was there. So I went back to Hermes and we talked but the only birkin was a 30 brighton. I left and he wrote down what my dream birkin was. An hour later, I called him to say, I would take the 30 blue, since I couldn't leave NY without my birkin. He told me to sit tight, and be patient and my birkin may just turn up. I went home and the very next day he called and said my 35 gold with PH was in the mail. Now I am complete (for now) and in celebration my husband decorated one whole tree in the front yard with all orange lights. Thank you HG, I woudn't have gotten this gorgeous brand new birkin if it weren't for you.
    hermes birkin 002.jpg hermes birkin 005.jpg hermes birkin 004.jpg
  2. Congratulations Loren!!!! I think the best part of your story is the orange lights your hubby put outside!!! I'd like to see a picture of THAT!! :yes: :yes:
  3. What a story! Congratulations!!! I know that "complete" feeling. Enjoy your birkins (and kelly!)
  4. loren, what a pleasant experience! and the gold birkin is such a classic, congratulations!
  5. congrats...what a great story. I got the exact same one 2 weeks ago.
    Aren't you glad that you waited? You will love your gold birkin, it will go with everything. I love it.

    I need your SA next time I go to nyc. I want a black birkin too
  6. wow loren!!!! BIG CONGRATS to u!!! i know how long u've been longing for that gold birkin and now u have 2 birkins....plus a kelly!!!!!! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!! i'm soooooooooooooo happy for u!!!!! this is such a sweet story...and ur hubby is a darling! aaaaaawwwww!!!!! congrats again!!!!!
  7. This is major Hermes Karma!!!! Congratulations on all three beauties!
  8. pazt.....did u read?? they had a brighton blue birkin!!! isnt that what u want????!!!!
  9. Glad to be of assistance. Isn't he the best? I adore him!!!!

  10. OMG. What a lovely SA :nuts:

    COngrats !! You have a beautiful collection :yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. yeah, but i want a 35. tsk tsk! :sad:
  12. What a perfect New York visit. You got your Gold 'Dream' Birkin... Congratulations!!!!! I adore stories like this. When it's meant to be, it's meant to be!

    HG...that was very sweet of you.

    Loren...you're husband is so sweet. You are truly a blessed woman.
  13. WOW!!!! LOREN, what a haul!!!!! I'd say this was one successful trip to NYC!!!! Beautiful pieces AND a scarf!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
  14. Wow! Not ONE Birkin but TWO and a Kelly to boot! Amazing! That SA is a saint!!
    I love the new scarf - one of my faves from the new collection! Enjoy everything, loren!
  15. Wow, what a great H experience! Congrats!