I'm back from my trip to Buffalo...

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  1. I'm back from my 2 day vacation to Buffalo for the Senators vs Sabres game. Sens won :yahoo:!

    But I cannot decide, should I wait until I can post pics and do a reveal (am at work, cannot upload the pics), or should I just spill what I got coachwise?
  2. hmmm suspense is always fun
  3. It'll drive us all nuts, but reveals are always much more fun to look at so I say wait it out!
  4. I can do camera phone pics, just with no coach wrapping paper etc.
  5. Go for it...Love to see what ya got...:P
  6. Show us! I'm going to the outlet there in a week... what else did they have? (And like predicted, you guys pwned us LOL!)
  7. go for it
  8. Just realized I have my dustbags with me! Will do it that way!
  9. Just do it!
  10. #10 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    I think I'll start a reveal thread!