I'm back from my first LV boutique visit... with BOXES!

The SA was SO incredible at LV Troy. His name was Christopher. Some of the girls over at CHanel at Neiman Marcus were a little chilly to me so I was expecting the same but when I came rolling in with bags from Tiffany and boxes from Hermes, Christopher approached right away and helped me out! I wanted the Speedy 25, but my mom is getting it for me for Christmas because it's all I've asked for, so I'm going to order it through Chris at the Troy store and use him for LV boutique stuff in the future. He was really great. He gave me a big stack of amazing LV postcards that I'm going to frame.

Here's a group shot:

So I fell in LOVE with amarante. But as soon as I picked up a cles- AUGH! The FINGERPRINTS! I wanted that colour so badly but I was really turned off by the fingerprints. So I browsed some more. I was planning on getting the monogram degrade burgundy bandeau, since the sweet flowers in blue wasn't available online. I had the red at one point but it was confiscated by my mom after only a few days.

Here are the postcards:

And the boxes:

By the way-- you were all right about the Neverfull PM. It was WAY smaller than I thought! I'd have to get the MM.

They had the Pomme d'Amour cles, and as soon as Christopher held it up to the light I was in love :love: I had to have it! I couldn't stop taking pics, the colour is luscious in all different lights!

Then I couldn't believe my luck, they had the blue sweet flowers bandeau! They didn't even have the monogram degrade. He showed me the MC bandeau, but I loved the blue sweet flowers, so it's mine!

We're calling around midmonth to get the Speedy, I think. Anyway, Christopher was a fabulous SA and he made it a great experience! Thanks for letting me share!