I'm back from LV!

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  1. And I came back with a lil sumthing-sumthing! :graucho:

    Anyone wanna guess what it is? Hint: Its not a bag, and its something I've never bought from LV before, but its from a line I already have!

    Anyways, I went to Holt Renfrew first, and the SA there didn't know anything! I kept on asking for things and she'd be like "Huh? What?" as if she never heard of them before! So I didn't stay long because I didn't want to deal with an SA who didn't know anything. But something interesting happened there because I was carrying my Azur Speedy 25 and had it on the counter, some other customer came up to me and asked if she could hold my bag just for one second to see how it looks on her. :P She asked if it was the 25 and I said yes, and her friend said that the 25 looks good on her! Also, I heard the SA on the phone with a customer asking for an azur speedy, and the SA was saying that theres a waiting list if you want one! So thats cool that I have a bag that so many people are after!

    So then I went to LV. They were sold out of so many things. Sold out things that I asked for were:

    Bubble earrings,
    all the Batignolles,
    Ivorie montaigne clutch, ivorie eugenie wallet (although I looked at both in black)
    Ivorie Soufflot (although I looked at one in red...decided against getting a soufflot because the straps are too short)
    And they said that the Neverful was not launched yet!

    Things I tried on were:
    Marilyn in black and white - Before I saw them irl I thought I'd like black better, but now I like white!
    Azur Naviligo(sp?)
    Damier Geant Loup in black and terre
    Cougar in black!

    Will post pics in my next post...uploading them now.
  2. Denim cles?
  3. Nothing denim!
  4. Alright! Here she is! :yahoo:

    Not sure why this pic is blurry, I suck at cameras:


    Posing with Miss Azur Speedy :P:






    See the wrinkles where the crease is? Is that normal? For those of you with Vernis Koala Wallets is it the same with yours? I looked at 3 pomme koala wallets, and they all had the wrinkles (the one with the least wrinkles had a scratch on it, so I picked the 2nd least wrinkly one)...but with the pomme French purse, it didn't wrinkle as much:



    Enjoy the pics! My first LV wallet!

    Now I have to look for a coin holder, because the coin slot in this wallet is so small!
  5. Ooooh she's gorgeous! Congrats! I don't have any advice on the wrinkles though. Hopefully you get it all sorted out.
  6. Congrats! :tup:
  7. Oh, she's a beauty! I wanted her but got the Pomme French Purse because of the coin issue. But that Koala is my first love.

    Maybe you should get the matching cles!!!
  8. Gorgeous, I think Pomme and Azur are one of the prettiest combos
  9. I love the colour ! congrats !
  10. Congrats! I love pomme!
  11. They were also out of the white L'Aimicable (I know I spelled that wrong), so I tried on the black one. I also tried on another white suhali bag...the one with the buckle in the front and the 2 zippers of the sides. Edit: its L'Impétueux I tried on.

    The SA was really patient with me...cuz I really tested her patience! lol

    When I first asked to look at the display pomme wallet, I asked if she had any that weren't display pieces...so she went to the other side of the store and brought one back...then I went, "Is this the only one you have?" and she said, "I think I have one more.", so she had to go all the way back to get ther other one.

    Then I asked for the white Aurelia MM...she went to the back to get it for me and I tried it on...then a few seconds later I asked, "Do you have this in black?" And she had to go back into the back room to get it. (If that was me, I would have been thinking, "Why didn't you just ask for both at the same time?" lol)

    Then when I was trying on the Loups, I tried on the Terre first, and then she put it back...Then, after I tried on the black, I was like, "Can I see the other one again?!" So she had to go dig through the drawer again.

    It was cool because she answered my requests with a cheerful, "Sure, no problem!" I was there for an hour asking to see this and that!
  12. Congrats on the wallet, now you have an excuse to get a cles!!!
  13. congrats on the pretty pomme!!
  14. I love this, it's gorgeous! :love: The color is absolutely TDF against the Azur! Congrats!
  15. The French purse was very nice, but I had trouble opening the coin compartment! That buckle was sooo stiff!

    No cles for me, because the pomme cles doesn't hold enough to suit my needs, and I already have the cerises cles which holds alot. I did look at the white suhali cles though...it was $305 though...too expensive!