I'm back from LV with a lil something!

  1. First off, I've never had so many customers manhandle my bag! lol I had my brown Antigua Cabas MM with me and had put it on the counter as I was looking at things /trying bags on.

    As I had it on the counter, 3 different customers tried to look at my bag, thinking it was a display piece! One girl was even fondling my luggage tag (that had my initials stamped on!) going, "How cute!" And another girl picked up my bag to look at it! I was like :cursing: :shocked:. It was funny because each time that happened my SA had to explain to the customer that that was my bag and not a display piece! I was surprised because compared to other LVs, I thought my Antigua was such a plain, under the radar bag. Didn't think it would get so much attention. Then I went to the Coach Store afterwards and the SA there said that she liked my bag and wanted to get the same one except in red and purple but that she couldn't.

    Anyways, I looked at the Eole rolling duffle but decided against it because it was too heavy to hand carry. I also looked at the Damier Trousse make-up pouch.

    I tried on the Beverly MM but it wouldn't stay on my shoulder.

    I tried on the Amarante Rosewood Ave. and liked it, but not enough to buy it. I also tried on the Ebene Mini Lin Saumur and the Black MC Ursula (too heavy).

    I asked about the Epi Lockit and my SA said that they only had one black one come in and it was already sold.

    My Boutique also had all the Love 2 totes, in all 3 colours and sizes. I looked at the Khaki PM but thought the material felt cheap.

    So as you may have read in my other post, I was wanting a new cles.

    So I looked at the mini lin ones in both colours, and decided that the material is too rough. Since I decided not to get the Amarante Rosewood Ave., I looked at the Amarante Cles, French purse, and Ludlow. I ended up getting the cles! :yahoo: So it will be my only Amarante piece!

    Here are the pics:



  2. Wow --- you sure went through quite a selection process, but you ended up with something sweet!! Congratulations on your new Amarante cles!

    Hmmm...now you got me thinking about the Antigua, too. LOL
  3. gorgeous color! love it!!!
  4. Congrats!!!! That color looks great!

    Also... funny story about your bag being thought of as a display piece!!! :lol:
  5. very cute.
  6. That also happened with my Monogram Speedy 30 and my Azur Speedy 25! But not as much as today with my Antigua! You would think that once they pick it up and feel how heavy it is, they'll realize that theres stuff inside and that its someone's bag!

    Today, I was looking at the Amarante Rosewood Ave. and had it on the counter, and another customer saw at and liked it, but she asked first if I was buying it before she tried it on herself! :p
  7. cute story! congrats on the pretty cles!
  8. sooooooooooo adorable and cute - congrats!
  9. Congrats!!!! Very Nice!!!
  10. So cute...congrats! Loved your Antigua story. Too funny!!
  11. That's a great story and CONGRATS on your cles!!!
  12. Hey arnott! So glad that you finally decided on getting the amarante cles!! I called LV today too, and asked about the epi lockit....so sad to hear they only have the black lockit and it was long gone!:crybaby:Where is my ivory epi lockit?!?!

    Don't you just love it when everyone admired ur bag so much:love: hehe

    Congrats and enjoy ur cles!:heart:
  13. Did you talk to Grace? :p Grace asked me which one I wanted, and I just said Ivorie, so she said that she'd put me on the list too...don't know if she actually did because i didn't see her write anything down...but I don't care, I just wanted to see what it looks like.

    The date code in this cles is hard to read because its so dark...anyways, its CA1057. So 15th week of 2007...that doesn't sound too recent.
  14. isnt that great that people so admire your bag?? i think so! congrats!