I'm back from LV with 2 things! Pics!

  1. My long awaited Black MC Cozy!



    I know you're supposed to pay the tax of the place you receive it but on my receipt it only charged 6% tax! We'll see what it says on the Visa bill.

    And the long strap for my Baggy PM! After I bought it I changed straps right away and wore the long strap around shopping!



    As you can see, the strap is alot whiter than the leather on my Baggy. :push:

    I also have 2 concerns about wearing it with the long strap..

    #1 Since I have it at the 2nd hole from the top, would the ends of the strap curl up with time? I saw a Popincourt Haut on eBay where the ends of the straps had curled up and it looked horrible!

    #2 Since the Baggy is against my hip, would all that rubbing against my hip wear out the denim?

    For those of you who wear your Baggys with the long strap can u please let me know your experience with this? TIA! :flowers:
  2. Congrats!!! I'm glad you got the strap after all! The Cozy is so cute! The color combo is awesome. ;)
  3. Thanks! Its the first time I walked out of LV with more than one new item! :nuts:

    Yikes, those pictures are big! :weird:
  4. Love both items! congrats! I don't have the long strap but perhaps you can put some type of weight on the strap when not in use.
  5. I love that baggy across your body!! OHHHH! I want it!
  6. Thanks! The strap cost less than I expected, $140 CAD! Only $5 more than the US price!
  7. Nice!
  8. Get it! Get it! :graucho: You have the Blue Baggy PM, right?
  9. Congrats! you look great modeling the fuschia baggy messenger style. i have the Blue Baggy PM with extra strap. and i love it!
  10. Good essentials! I'm sure the strap will catch up in the patina process and match evenly soon enough.

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  11. The bag looks great with the long strap. Congrats!
  12. Congrats- the cozy is adorable! btw how's your gorgeous Evelyne treating you lately?
  13. Thanks everyone!

    This is my first piece of Black Multicolore! :biggrin: My only other piece of Multicolore is my White MC Wapity which is sitting in my closet!
  14. Love the color combo on the cozy! I like the long strap, it looks great on you!
  15. Has not been seeing much action lately...have been too busy alternating my LVs! Antigua, Azur, and now Baggy! Baggy hadn't been seeing much action until today and hopefully since I got the new strap, I'll be taking her out more!

    Gee, my english sucks when I'm tired. :push: