I'm back from LV *PICS*

  1. Let's start guessing...
  2. Forgot to put in the hints!
    DSC01557.JPG DSC01558.JPG DSC01559.JPG
  3. I don't know. Gosh, what is it??!!
  4. OPen it! Open it!! I don't want to wait to see it!!

    Any more hints???
  5. could be many things... could be one thing or maybe i put two things in one bag to trick you?
  6. its limited...
  7. a utah messenger or carryall?
  8. innsbruck?
  9. I did see the mirior keepall... even tho its technically not supposed to be sold until Dec 1....
  10. TOBAGO? OMG whistler or innsbruck?
  11. Matt u gonna buy the miroir keepall?
  12. what if I did buy it?
  13. Then I'd be drooling all over it. :drool:
  14. well I guess I will give the next clue lol
  15. :confused1: Still not revealed! I'll be back.:P
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