Im back from LV *PICS*

  1. Bought these yesturday but didn't come home last night so I am posting them now! Wearing these to the bar tonight! :yahoo: I LOVE these shoes! I just finally told myself to GET them, I always say I will so I finally did! I had to transfer money online on LV's computer lol because my bank was closed... mmm so I got to stand behind the counter haha!:love:
    DSC01510.JPG DSC01511.JPG DSC01512.JPG
  2. Love them!! And the color too, it's hot!! Congrats!
  3. gorgeous, congrats!
  4. They are HOT! CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  5. Bet they look hot!!! Nice shoes!!
  6. Congratulations:yahoo:
    The leather looks yummy & comfy. I wanna stand behind the counter too, do they keep any secret special goodies behind there? Sound like those shoes are seeing some action already!!
  7. Nice shoes! Congrats!
  8. wow..gorgeous !!! congrats..
  9. The leather looks beautiful!
  10. congrats!
  11. When I was behind the counter I just wanted to go into like the secret folders and start opeing things up lol. But on the one counter they had all these books and stuff which I have already seen. Had a list of pieces that they had to order for customers, LOTS of mirror and groom on it!
  12. love the leather, there hot !
  13. HOT HOT HOT!!!:love:
  14. I plan on going back to get the Damier Geant versions of this shoe. It's on elux. I drove past LV on my way but was like ehhhhh I should wait lol!
  15. Those shoes are effin' SEXY! ;) I'd have a heart attack if my boyfriend bought them for himself ( I wish he would buy them...)! He never really buys anything that expensive, but maybe one day... A girl can dream FOR her BF, right? LOL