I'm back from LV/Holt with tons of pics!

  1. So I went downtown today carrying my Hermes Evelyne hoping to find a LV bandeau for it so I could carry it under my arm. I tried on the mirage bandeau and it was gorgeous, and matched my Evelyne perfectly. The SA said that she wasn't sure if it was strong enough to be part of the strap. What do you all think? I carried my Evelyne with the long strap over one shoulder and it was actually ok, so I wouldn't mind wearing this bandeau as just a scarf afterall.

    I also tried on the Black Neo Cabby in both sizes! I prefer the GM and it can be worn cross-body! :nuts: I also tried on the black Le Tal and it wasn't as difficult to get in and out of as I expected.

    If anyone is interested, Hotel Vancouver has a gorgeous blue alligator lockit! :drool: I tried on the Mahina XXL and it was gigantic and very heavy! I also looked at the a la folie? pin and phone charm, and some belts including a mini lin one.

    When I went to Holt Renfrew, I got compliments from SAs about my Evelyne! They were saying they like the colour of my bag. With one of the SAs, I wasn't even near her but she shouted at me, "I like your bag! Gorgeous colour!" :p

    At the Marc Jacobs section I tried on the Ostrich Stam (same one Ichelle has), a smaller stam, a Blake, and a couple other bags. I also tried on some Chanel bags including the one Karman has.

    Anyways, here are pics of my purchase! My very first bandeau! :yahoo:

    Look how gorgeous it looks with the Evelyne! :nuts:

    Heres how I tried it to shorten the strap:


    Modeling pics with the Evelyne and Bandeau:


    Modeling pics wearing it as a scarf:



    Azur and mirage:

    Speedy and mirage:

    Mirage Bandeau by itself!

    :wlae: Woohoo! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats!
  3. Congrats! Looks like you had a fun day. Did you like the Stam? I keep changing my mind about that bag.
  4. Congrats!
  5. What a beautiful match. I LVOE that new Mirage bandeau and your Evelyne is simply gorgeous. Perhaps I will cheat on Louis for that bag....lol.
    BTW, how big was the A La Folie Brooch/Pin?
    Congrats on your new stuff !!!!!!
  6. I don't think it'd be strong enough to use as a strap.
  7. Yes, I liked the ostrich stam the best. You should get it!
  8. congrats!
  9. Ok, I guess I'll just use it as a scarf and tie it around my LVs then. After all that. :p Do you know if Hermes Twillys are stronger...cuz the SA at Hermes was the one who showed me how to tie it like that, making me think that twillies are supposed to be strong enough to use as a strap.
  10. It was quite small. Like the size of a quarter.
  11. congrats - that is too cute !
  12. congrats... i think that youve found the perfect match for your hermes. its gorgeous next to each other!:yes:
  13. Forgot to mention, when I took out my wallet to pay, the SA (a male with a deep voice) went, "You have a koala! Mmm, pomme vernis! Very nice!" :roflmfao:
  14. Congrats! Looks great on the monogram speedy.
  15. Congrats!! I love that bandeau... It look great on your azur speedy!