I'm back from Las Vegas with purchases but I still need your help

  1. After many lists, debating and total confusion, I bought from the LV at the Caesar's Forum (great store with nice SA's) a green perforted speedy and the neverful GM. So, I went back to the hotel to take pictures for you all and something just wasn't right with my decision. I was looking for a framboise cles and Caesar's did not have it so I made a few calls and went to fashion show LV and exchanged the neverfull gm for a framboise cles and a red groom pouchette wallet. Then a couple of days later on our trip I could not stay away from LV and got mono 6 key holder. I love everything I got, but I think I am confused yet again. Let-trade has a cerises sac plat that I saw before we left and I have always wanted one and I don't have anything in the cerises line and if I take back the key holder and groom wallet, I could get the sac plat. I already have a groom cles and I use my MC agenda as a wallet so do I really need the red groom wallet?
    Please help me, I have a few days left to do a return. What would you do? Thanks.
  2. Keep the perfo Speedy, its amazing!

    I would get the Cerise from Let-trade and return the neverful. I dont like the neverful.

    But thats just me, post pics!
  3. everything you bought is really functional but if you really love the sac plat go for it I did hear it was a bit ackward to use because it's quite thin and long and you can't put it over your shoulder would this bother you??
  4. I know can't give up my green perfo and the framboise cles for sure. I think I can part with the groom wallet and key holder though- in trade for the cerises sac plat.

  5. she already returned the neverfull and got the groom purse & framboise cles
  6. i saw go ahead and return the keyholder and wallet to get the sac plat!
  7. I think I may have to. Just waiting for Let-trade to reply to my are there any odors question. I have never bought any thing from them or anything pre-loved before so I am a bit nervous but if I don't get it I think I may kick myself- DH said Vegas purchases were my last for 2 years. Big time ban.
  8. oh excuse my eyes! :p

    Sorry for my ignorance Label Addict!