I'M BACK! From Disney World and Japan, I've hit 1000 posts... AND 3 NEW LV'S!

  1. Warning this is preeeety long!
    Hello ladies (And gentleman)! How have u been keeping?! I have truly Missed you all SOO MUCH! Some of you know I was in Disney world from the 20th of March until the 5th of April then on the 7th I went to Japan for 2 weeks and got back on the 23rd! I had a BLAST! I have been back for 2 weeks but I came back and became VERY SICK, so for two weeks I have been resting and I have BARELY been to TPF in a month and a half! The Ouvea Carryall my parents bought for me for xmas accompanied me to Japan and was the perfect size for all my gear on the 15 hour flight haha. Another Milestone is that I have reached 1k posts (probably more once u guys see this as I am about to go posting like MAD right after I post this!) But anyways... I have been feeling better the last two days and I figured it's time to come back to the forum and show u all my new goodies! I bought the first item on the first of April in Florida at the LV there!

    Monogram Carryall! (It was one of the first really pretty day's here in toronto so I decided to take pics showing the backyard and the pictures came out SO much nicer with the natural light enhancements!) I have been tanning Mr. Carryall in the sun for the past two days but I have only done the handles so far (I covered the rest of the bag) so excuse the uneven Patina. I like to patina my bags a bit, I am gonna be tanning the sides tomorrow and then weather permitting, the next day I will be doing the 2 vachetta straps that the handles attach to. hehe I talk WAYYY too much srry! :push:


    The next item is ALSO another mono piece and I have been tanning him as well but he tanned faster was he has much less vachetta. I purchased him on my first day in Japan as I needed something to carry around little things (cash etc.)
    Bosphore Bum Bag!

    And my FINAL piece was purchased on my last day in japan (P.S I paid WAYY too much for the bum bag and this, the prices at the japanese boutiques are SOOO much higher but it was worth it haha) I walked into the boutique and I saw what I could only describe as an "Oversized wapity" in a pattern I had been craving sooo... My final and FAVOURITE piece is the : MACAU!


    This little guy is SOOO functional! I was a BIT dissapointed not to see a rasberry alcantara lining but it doesn't bother me that much. I have used it everyday and it's perfect for my wallet, keys, phone, ipod, cash, makeup etc.

    Some pics of it

    Haha My Playstation Portable, and panda peeking out

    This back pocket is my only gripe as I'd not put anything in there from fear of losing it, there is not button or closure but I love him so much I can't really complain!


    Japan and Disney were fantastic! It was the tail end of the cherry blossom season in Japan but all the blossom's were still in full bloom and it was very warm! It was so fantastic! I stayed in Hiroshima for 3 nights, Osaka for four and I was in Tokyo for a week! WONDERFUL trip! But I am glad to be back! Phewwww that was long!
  2. OMG, They are all SO PRETTY!! Im glad you had a good time too!! I love your pool!
  3. cool buys!!! congrats!!! glad you had a good trip!
  4. Welcome back and congrats on the new fabulous goodies!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better too!
  5. yay, welcome back!!!

    i'm so jealous that you were in japan!!! (i'm japanese!) i hope you had some great food over there....and awesome customer service!!!

    how was disney world?!! (i live close to it...! lol) did you go shopping in orlando?!!!;) :heart:
  6. Oh the people ther are FABULOUS! Such a WONDERFUL culture, everyone is so kind and respectful and it's so CLEAN! haha and the food is FANTASTIC! Oh I am missing it! Disney was wonderful! I did go shopping, there was one mall and I can't remember the name but I went NUTS at their juicy and burberry and then I got the louis and I went a but nuts at Neimans but more-so at Juicy (we don't have one here) :sweatdrop:
  7. yay your back! I love your new stuff! PM me and well talk some more!!!
  8. They're all so pretty. Congrats!
  9. ohh, you were @ mall at Millenia!!! isn't it clean and nice mall?!!!;)

    i'm planning on going back to visit my family in japan this summer --- yeah, the 15 hr plane ride which i am NOT looking forward to, specially my almost 18 mo old toddler!!!! yeeeeeek....:push: :sweatdrop:

    i'm so glad that you had wonderful time on your trip....specially in Japan!! yoohoo~~!!!:yahoo: :heart:
  10. YES! That is the one! I LOVED that mall, I'd be broke if they had anything like that here! Haha, ohhh ur lucky, ur going in the summer, ur daughter btw is INCREDIBLY gorgeous! Sweetest thing! Haha
  11. Welcome back ! It sounds like you had a blast ! :yes:
  12. Congratulations on your new LVs and welcome back! Glad to hear that you had a fantastic time on your extended vacation and that you're feeling better after being sick! It's always a great feeling to have new LVs!!
  13. awesome haul!! congrats
  14. Glad you're feeling better,sounds like you had a fantastic holiday.
    Love all your LV's too.:nuts:
  15. I love your tanning ideas!

    The bags are classic and gorgeous!