I'm Back from Bicester!

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    Well the day started well, no traffic, found a space (car park heaving at 10.15!), made for the Mulberry store. Wow! like an Aladdin's cave today. (I've been once before and when the stock was low).

    Had Ali-Bagpuss's list with me (what an amazing memory!), so just did a quick scan to add to the list. Wanted a Celine so wasn't there to buy a Mulberry (though nearly tempted by a chocolate mollie @ £297 50% off).

    Check Ali Bagpuss's list (in addition) - (though no cognac Mabel - someone brought it whilst I was there :crybaby:):

    Loads of Alfies/ Effies in all colours including olive
    Mollies (oak & chocolate)
    Large Anthonys (pebble/ choc/ ginger)
    small only in ginger
    Maggies (bronze, gold snakeskin, black, raspberry, white, stone goatskin)
    Miltons with the metallic look (green & pink)
    Babbington (black)
    Jacquette (emerald green- really nice!)

    No black congo bays left just brown.

    Otherwise pretty much what Ali Bagpuss listed.

    I'm afraid no small mables except the fuschia (pebble gone)
    Medium size in fuschia, mono & patent pink
    no pink Milton purses
    No oak bays only brown congo
    No make up case with postman's lock

    So left Mulberry and went to Celine - nothing there either! Wandered around aimlessly .......... then went back to Mulberry.............
  2. Thanks for checking for the oak bays............ so did you leave bicester empty handed?
  3. and bought what?!!!:graucho:
  4. That's exactly what I was going to say Jo. What did you buy?

    Thanks for the report as well by the way!
  5. Well, I brought a Mulberry .... actually I brought two! (should have brought the cognac Mable but wouldn't spend £418 and then actually spent more! DoH!)

    Have just uploaded an album of my collection but not sure how anyone gets to see it! But the answer is there...............
  6. Is it the Pink Patent Mabel and the Antony?
  7. Ooooh very nice! I hadn't realised the patent had silver hardware :smile: and a scrummy antony too, a great days shopping :tup:
  8. Choc Antony and Pink Mabel, fab haul! Congratulations. Beautiful!!!
  9. ooooooooooooooh!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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  10. fabulous!!
  11. Thank you ladies! How do you get to see my Album????
  12. Stunning!
  13. Click on your name, go to 'statistics' , go to album
  14. Wow I love your collection, yum :tup: Did you happen to notice the price of the black Maggie (bit of a long shot I know!)???
  15. As BC has said, you click on the username, then Public Profile and then you can see the photo Album. Click on that and you can see the photos - try it on mine, I've set up some photo albums too!