I'm back for FSH...and OMG !!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've been to FSH this afternoon to try to find my dreambag :
    35cm Birkin in Black Box with GH:love:

    Thanks to your all your advices :
    - I had a precise idea of the bag I want ...but still open minded on size (30 or 35cm) and on leather (box, goat, or Togo or Clemence)...and just to be sure wanted to try a Kelly on me...who knows...
    - I knew some tips to have a good H experience =>Special Thanks to CXVYR:love:

    When the SA ask me what I wanted to see, I just said :
    "I'd love to have a Black Bag. "

    We begun to look at windows, so I said :
    "To be honnest I've already made a shortlist...I'm hesitating beetween a Kelly 32or 35cm, a Birkin 30 or 35cm, or a Bolide...in Box because it's my first H, and IMO Box is THE H classic leather ideal to begin with the Brand.:p "

    She looked in her computer and told me she could show me some Black Kellys in both sizes, a Black Bolide...but no Birkin.
    I smiled and said that I'd love to see them.

    I eliminated quickly the Bolide, saying it wasnt "love at first sight"...In my own I was thinking BEAUTIFUL:love: .

    Then I tried Kelly in 32 and 35 cm...GORGEOUS but not me ...
    I said to my SA : "Don't you think Kelly is not at its best on me...it's not me...it looks like if I borrowed the bag...maybe in few years ???"

    She agreed and told me Birkin would be the best for me.
    I said "I think you're right...My outfit is maybe too casual...maybe the Birkin would suit me better...but in which size ???"

    She told me they have a Gold Birkin in 30cm on hold, and I could try it.
    The 30cm was perfect on me ...but since I couldn't compare, the SA spoted a client with a 35cm and said it would be better for me for a black everyday bag...so I agreed.

    Then she took a big samples book with all the H leathers in all colours.
    We took almost ten minuts to compare and guess what...my preferd leather was Box. Then she asked me what type of HW...and I said gold !!
    Then she told me that if I was ready to be patient, she could order the bag and I'll have it between Sept/Dec.
    I said I would be pleased to wait few months to have the perfect bag for me.
    You can't imagine how I was:yahoo: inside !!!
    So, HOURRAH !!! I have a SO for my dream bag !!!
    Since I have to be patient I needed a little H goodie to help...and we choose a Bearn Wallet in Fuschia Goat with GH...but since I prefered the small size (because it fits in my Chanel Classic Flap) and wasn't available in Fuschia...my amzing SA will have one for me among the 2 available on the next delivery in few weeks...

    Sorry for this long post, but I really had to share with you my 1hour and a half of happiness at Hermes !!!
  2. What a great experience! Congratulations on your order! We'll all be waiting to see this beauty on your arm in the "in action" section! HNE
  3. YAY!! Congratulations on your SO!! Im thinking of placing my own SO for Box bi-color birkin next month!!

    It was such a pleasure reading about your experience in FSH.. i hope u get your fuchsia wallet soon :smile:
  4. fromparis, congratulations! Thanks for sharing your good fortune!
  5. Oh my gosh, what a great story.
    Congratulations, congratulations!!
    Looking forward to seeing your wallet too.
  6. I am so glad everything worked out for you. :yahoo:

    I should be the godmother of your birkin...
  7. ^^^^
    You are SOOOOOOOOO right Cxyvr !!!!
  8. Oh, mercy!!!:roflmfao:

  9. Hey you can be the godmother of my birkin too if your bf will hook me up....:yahoo: pls pls pls

  10. Hummm....that might require me to buy a twilly for my godchild when she is born:yes:
  11. Congratulations Fromparis! How exciting to get the EXACT birkin that you have been dreaming about! My DH is scheduled to France at the end of the year and I have planning on tagging along to go fishing for a Birkin, too!
    CXYVR, you will be hearing from me in the fall to ask how I can also obtain my dream bag.
  12. :shame:
    Your help and your friendship are already great presents to me ...
  13. I hope CXYVR will agree with me...I think all the secrets are in my report:graucho:
  14. Great great great story.... CONGRATULATION!!!!! :nuts::yahoo::yahoo::nuts:

    PFer is wonderful, isn't? I'm fortunate to meet you all!!!

  15. anytime..I am new to this too but I was lucky to get help from one of the members here that made things much easier.