I'm back baby! (pics)

  1. I thought I was losing the love for my b-bags.....do not know why. Then I received my 2nd bordeaux city (previous post tells story; first bordeaux color was not great) which made me fall in love again.

    So, first although I tried so hard to stop myself I bought a beautiful ink twiggy (I had never been a fan of the ink color but something kept drawing me to that bag).

    Then I sold my Apple Green city to find one in better shape and low and behold, only 4 days after selling her, I found a apple green in like new condition; I mean really; she is stunning. I think it was fate!! :yes:

    So, here they are!!! I can't bring myself to buy the bags with the new hardware (even though I think they are very pretty). I am just going to stick with the older colors and leathers for now.

    What do you all think?
    inky.JPG green.JPG
  2. Too cute - I love the charms too!!! The apple city is TDF!!!
  3. wow, great bags! i'm not a fan of twiggys, but that leather is TDF! same with the green, simply gorgeous. what made you think you could leave b-bags? you're crazy ;) welcome back :jammin:
  4. I love your INK...it looks amazing.
  5. congrats!! :yahoo:
  6. What a COMEBACK! That apple is just drool worthy :party:

    I love the charms, please post pics wearing them!
  7. Oh! Your Twiggy looks adorable with those charms!
    Two beautiful bags! Congrats!
  8. Congrats!!! Two amazing colors. I love ink.
  9. becca, i think they're lovely ans YAYYYY for found the love back :p

  10. wow i love that green! congrats!!
  11. Congrats Becca:yahoo: I love them both.;) Enjoy.:smile:
  12. Those are GORGEOUS!!! I am amazed at the condition of your Apple Green. And the Twiggy's leather is TDF. Isn't it great when you are reminded of why you fell in love with something?
  13. Becca, welcome back! I love both of your bags and the charms are great too. :yes:
  14. Gorgeous bags! And your kids are absolutely adorable!
  15. congratulations becca!!
    looove your new finds!!