I'm back and WOW am I glad to be home!!!

  1. Ok so here's the thing. I MISSED YOU GIRLS!!!!!!!

    What's been going on while I've been in LaLa-Land? OK Kristie...spill it....what have you been buying in the last five days!!!!!! Please tell me you got the scarf? My fingers have been crossed for FIVE DAYS on that baby!

    Let me just say this about Las Vegas. And please don't fry me BUT I am NOT a Las Vegas Girl. I don't like to gamble, I'm not a fan of buffet meals, I'm definately not a gal who likes the kind of heat that sucks the breath out of you, I really, really hate masses of tourists and neon is not my favorite color. Plus I've had my fair share of crabby cabby's. So, needless to say the highlight of my trip was the Hermes store, the Chanel boutique and Saks. Other than all of the above and my afternoon with the Real Estate agent from Hell :weird: (this is a story for later) my credit cards and I had a real nice time! :upsidedown:

    So, before I hit the sack I just wanted to say HELLO and I'm BACK and I'm happy to be home! And next time I go anywhere for more than one day, I'm bringing my computer so I can chat with you guys while I'm gone!!!!! :shame:
  2. And I only saw ONE, ONE Hermes bag the entire time I was in LV! A woman was carrying a 30cm Raisin bi-color Birkin in the Chanel boutique at Bellagio. ONE!

    How can that be?
  3. Welcome back Shopmom!!
    I see your haul is much to much to post in one day...:lol:
    glad to see you had fun!
  4. Welcome back!:yahoo:

    Have a good rest tonight, we're looking forward to your posts bright and early tomorrow!:smile:
  5. Boy, were you missed!!!:yes:
  6. welcome back, D. yes, vegas is definitely "something";) . i'm glad you made it home safe & sound. get a good night's rest and i'm looking forward to your posts tomorrow.
  7. Welcome back, Shopmom!!! :flowers::yahoo:
    We missed you!!!

    Have a good rest & give us the report when you're recharged! :wlae:
  8. Welcome back!!! It just wasn't the same around here without you :yes:
  9. At last you're back!!! :yahoo: You were very much missed D., have a good night's sleep and give us all the details when you wake up!!!
  10. Welcome baaaaaaaaaack!

    You were sorely missed here!
  11. Welcome back shopmom!!!!!
    You were very very missed.
    And we were dying to hear about your experience at the LV Hermes store!

    What did I tell you! Did your babies get a lot of stares? I have yet to see a single Hermes bag while I was in Vegas..LV, Balenciagas, Chanels, yes, but not one Hermes. Bizzare, no? My Kelly gets stared at, pointed at, and whispered about by almost every woman that passes by!

    So.... what did you buy!?!?!?!?!? :love:
  12. AHHH - we missed you, too!!

    You're not going to believe this...I was so excited about finding that scarf (it's a pattern I collect, AND my favourite one AND my favourite colourway!!) so excited in fact that I set up a US shipping address, because as you know the seller wouldn't ship outside of the US (even though I asked nicely, have 100% feedback, and buy 95% of my eBay purchases from abroad.........anyway...........

    I got the girls all fed and asleep, made myself a cup of tea and sat in front of my computer to watch the end of the auction and make my bid. These scarves (and this particular pattern) always go for a sky-high price, so I knew I would have to bid BIG and I wanted to bid at the end of the auction so as not to up the price too much in a bidding war........the time came.......I placed my bid with seconds to spare......and THE SELLER HAD BANNED ME FROM BIDDING ON THE AUCTION!!!!!!!!!!!! Because I was an overseas bidder, and they knew I was interested in buying.........do you know, I was SO shocked, and SO upset at not getting the scarf of my dreams that I actually shed a tear......:crybaby: .......but, it obviously wasn't meant to be. I console myself by thinking the seller could have made SO much more money by allowing me to bid, as I was really prepared to bid anything to win that scarf! Do you want to know the kicker???? There is another one on eBay this week - same design, different colourway - being sold by the SAME F*%#ING SELLER!!!!!! - UGH!!!

    SO......I went to my H boutique and bought myself TWO new scarves (haven't put pics up yet) and the sailing boat cadenas AND ordered a Birkin!!! (by accident :Push: ).......god only knows how I'm gonna pay for it if it comes too soon.....where theres a will, theres a way!!

    But I'm STILL pissed about the eBAy scarf..............:crybaby: :censor: :yucky:

    Anyway - welcome back!!!! We certainly missed you, and I hope you gave your CC a work out - we were hoping for a little something in rouge H for you.........????????:graucho:

  13. Not to hijack the thread but I'm sorry you went through that. eBay sellers can be jerks, just forget it. You're better than that and if they didn't want your cold hard $, stuff 'em. You'll find a better deal soon.
  14. thanks perja!!! you're a sweetheart!!

    I've got my name on L-Z's scarf wishlist...so hopefully it will turn up one day - I'd rather give them my business anyday!!
  15. It's the black Sous la Mer one, right? Perhaps you can ask one of the ladies going to the H sales soon? I'll keep an eye (and my SA's antennas out for one).

    ETA: Whoops, checked in the Second chance list, it's Rencontre Oceane.