I'm back!!! And I have a question:)

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  1. Hey everyone!! I haven't posted anything in a loooong time so I thought I would drop by with a question:smile: just wondering if anyone has/or has had this bag? Any input about it would be great! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1367444357.386407.jpg
  2. I have this bag in patent graphite. And I love it. So roomy and big. IMO it's better than the other Maggie's cuz of the extra details in the straps. Those chains kinda make the straps longer and fit better on my shoulder ImageUploadedByPurseForum1367444661.250250.jpg
  3. Hey, Welcome back wondered where you have been..Glad your back.
  4. I love Maggie! It has 3 compartments and plenty of room. They are so pretty.
  5. I have it! The Mia Maggie. There is a large and regular version. I have the regular in black, which has purple lining. It's a tad large for me (I'm 5'1") but I still use it sometimes. The leather is nice and soft.
  6. I had the large version of this bag and it is HEAVY.
  7. I used to have the brown. Its a very nice bag, I just prefer satchels.
  8. Thanks everyone:smile: I think I might wait and see if I can find something to use my PCE on. So many tempting items:smile:!