I'm back... and I got some stuff to show!


It's Pompom time!!
Feb 22, 2006
Hi everyone!
I don't know if anyone really remembers me or not. It's been a while, and my sister passed away in Sept. 2008, and before that all of my time was taken up taking care of her and just being with her 24/7.
I'm ready to come back and jump right in here. Time to be more internet-social! :P

Ok, last May my husband and i went on a 56 day cross-country road trip. We've been wanting to do it, and you know, life is short and all that.
I made it my goal to go to any Hermes we came near.
I went to several before i found my pretty in Denver, CO!

I started out looking for a 35 or 40 Kelly in a floopy leather like Clemence, but i thought, why not ask if they have a Birkin....?
Well, she DID! She brought out 2 for me to see! One was a Choc. color 30 with ghw., but we all agreed that the one i picked up was best. :graucho:

Let me just say that the 2 women who were working there were so so nice. They talked to us about our trip and where we'd been so far and where we were going. It was a lovely experience. Really really.

OK, enough with the chatter....

:yahoo:Prune Togo 30cm Birkin with PHW!!!:yahoo:

The first picture is her at the Painted Desert in Arizona! I loved how the color matched all of the beautiful purple colors in the rocks we saw (especially the Grand Canyon) and the sunsets in New Mexico.

The next pic is a "modeling" shot on the beach in San Diego. Keep in mind that this was after days and days of traveling, in the car, no less. haha.

The last shot is her @ home a few mins ago.
I also snagged the Vert Anis Dogon in Encore H, Las Vegas, and the Piggy in Bellagio H.
The Coupons Indiennes is from Naples, FL Hermes. (My holy grail scarf! :yahoo:)
The rest is from KOP.

I hope that wasn't too long and painful!
Thanks for reading, and i'm really happy to be back! :hugs:



Jul 25, 2007
Follow the Yellow Brick Road
What an AWESOME road trip!!! I'm so sorry about your sister's passing :hugs:. You absolutely did the right thing spending as much time as possible with her and then focusing your relationship with your husband on the road trip. Welcome back to the board and I LOVE your Prune Birkin!
Apr 15, 2007
sorry for your loss and it sounds like you had a wonderful time with your hubby..

enjoy your H prune birkin..color is great!!!
Oct 12, 2006
Hi and welcome back. My condolences on the loss of your dear sister. I am so sorry.

I'm very glad, though, that you and your husband were able to take this special trip together and that you had such a lovely H experience. Your new Birkin is absolutely gorgeous. BTW, we're Dogon and Clover twins!


It's Pompom time!!
Feb 22, 2006
Thanks guys! :hugs:

It was an experience i'll never ever forget. One thing that this has taught me is that you've gotta take life by the horns while you still can. It sounds oh so cliche, but it's oh so true. :smile:

Thanks for the compliments on Miss Prune. I love the color. I wasn't too sure when she told me what color it was, but it was love at first sight.

Thanks, Kallie! It's good to see you and your little Maltese again! You got another one!?!? AWW! She is precious! We still have our little Maltese Coconut. She came with us on the trip and loved every second! I swear she had her little wiggly black nose out the window the whole way across America! She sniffed every state!
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Oct 20, 2006
Welcome back!! :heart:

thank you for sharing, i am sorry for your loss.
your trip sounds like the perfect thing, I am happy you took the time to do that.

Lovely bag, and again, :smooch:


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May 17, 2006
Congrats to ur new birkin, she's gorgy. Sorry to hear about your sis, sending my condolences for the loss of your sis.

I wish i can be like you going for a 56 cross-country trip, that will be an awesome one, like u said, once in a lifetime....enjoy ur vacation, that will be one of the most unforgetable experience for both you and your DH:smile:


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Aug 5, 2009
San Francisco
jennifleur, I'm so sorry about your loss.

But that vacation with your DH sounds amazing and congratulations on your prune Birkin and all of the accessories!! Amazing purchases! (I think my fave pic if the photoshopped one of you with a smiley face over your face because that's just silly, lol).


It's Pompom time!!
Feb 22, 2006
Panda, lol! Thanks!
Wait.... that IS my face!!! No fair! haha.

It really was the best!

Thank you Celia and Cobalt! :hugs:
It's so good to see all of you again!


My Sweet Angel
Dec 18, 2005
Welcome back Jennifleur and congratulations on all of your beautiful goodies!! How nice to collect them as you went along on that amazing trip with DH.

P.S. I'm sorry about the loss of your sister :hugs:


The Orange Wiggle
Oct 13, 2006
Sorry for the loss of your sister!

Nice bag you have there and congratulations! Good to hear that you and your DH had an enjoyable holiday and your Maltese followed on your trip!

Welcome back to tPF!