I'm back and excited....

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  1. :wave So for any of you ladies that remember me...my surgery went awry but things are looking up for me now and have FINALLY reached a full recovery. Soooo...I'm back! Eeek! LOL!

    I just recently picked up an adorable little red patent ergo hobo...

    and my latest hit to my pocketbook was when I hit eBay (as I am biting my nails furiously) and am awaiting my newest post surgery purchase...a medium flap legacy in parchment...eek! I can't wait to get her!!!! I hope she was all she was chauked up to be as with shipping I got her for $159!!!! Fingers crossed for me ladies...good to read your posts again!
  2. Welcome back, glad to hear you are feeling better! Congrats on your new ergo, I love that color! The more I see of them on here, the more I want one but I already have a pond one so I've been good...so far!
  3. Congratulations on your red ergo
  4. Okay...did you have to say the "p" word??? I'm obsessed with anything pond right now!!!!!


  5. I am trying to get my enabler's license, didn't you know? :P;)

    Whispers **you want to get a pond ergo hobo**
  6. Welcome back, glad you are doing better.
  7. Welcome back!!!
  8. Welcome back! I love your patent ergo, very pretty!
  9. Welcome back, glad to hear you are feeling better! I just recently got the same red Ergo and I love it!
  10. :flowers:Welcome back! Glad you're better. Love your new ergo!
  11. Welcome Back as well!!! I have to say that your avatar looks great, your eyes match the blue line on your purse perfectly!!!! Very Cute!

    congrats on your newest purse, it looks great!
  12. welcome back! I'm glad to hear you doing ok. surgeries are poopie.
  13. Its good to have you back!! Glad everything is OK now.
  14. Welcome back!!!! What a gorgeous new bag!!! Congrats!!!
  15. Welcome back and glad you made a full recovery. Your new bag is beautiful!