I'm back and excited....


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Aug 6, 2008
The Great State of Texas
:wave So for any of you ladies that remember me...my surgery went awry but things are looking up for me now and have FINALLY reached a full recovery. Soooo...I'm back! Eeek! LOL!

I just recently picked up an adorable little red patent ergo hobo...

and my latest hit to my pocketbook was when I hit eBay (as I am biting my nails furiously) and am awaiting my newest post surgery purchase...a medium flap legacy in parchment...eek! I can't wait to get her!!!! I hope she was all she was chauked up to be as with shipping I got her for $159!!!! Fingers crossed for me ladies...good to read your posts again!


Gotta have them all!
Jan 15, 2008
land of sand & hot
Welcome back, glad to hear you are feeling better! Congrats on your new ergo, I love that color! The more I see of them on here, the more I want one but I already have a pond one so I've been good...so far!


Oct 6, 2008
Welcome Back as well!!! I have to say that your avatar looks great, your eyes match the blue line on your purse perfectly!!!! Very Cute!

congrats on your newest purse, it looks great!