I'm back and am done with Chanel for a long time...

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  1. Went to the boutique today...and bought something that I have been eyeing for a really long time. It's an impractical purchase but I know Chanel seasonal items are gone if they are sold out. Anyway those who saw my previous thread, no this bag didn't come from that seller. I bought a brand new one from the boutique. Guess it is somesort of closure for me..getting over the whole scamming thing.

  2. What did you get?!?!
  3. ohhh! what is it? hope you got your money back from that scammer!
  4. Lol sorry got side tracked by my kid.. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463987290.738880.jpg
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463987304.944334.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463987315.214816.jpg

    So happy it fits my ipad

  5. No i didnt..tough lesson. Also made me realise, my country, though generally safe, many lapses in the legal system
  6. Pics of interior
    Think i will stay away from luxury shopping for awhile..a very money-consuming hobby..till nx year!
  7. I remember your case & I'm appalled you didn't manage to get your $ back?! Can't CASE or the police do anything about it?

    Heartache aside, you've a pretty buy there! I saw it in the boutique last week. Hope you can finally move on with this gorgeous bag!
  8. congrats! a very pretty bag indeed! :woohoo:

  9. Case cant cos they only deal with small businesses..the police...taking their own sweet time. God knows what is going on...thats why I say our legal system...many loopholes..tsk

    Anyway thank you!! Im surprised theres still stock though. Wonder if the size is unpopular with most pple

  10. Thank u!

  11. Don't care if it's unpopular, what matters is you manage to get it!

    At least the police case isn't closed, just hope you get a favorable outcome from it! 🏼

  12. Yup! thanks for your kind words!
  13. This is a beautiful closure to such an unhappy episode. Though it may not be the perfect outcome but at least, you created lovely memories by buying it from the boutique! Enjoy your bag in good health..

  14. Haha thanks! Cant wait for her to see daylight proper..i have hid her back in her home
  15. Its a stunning bag! May it be a start to more chanel happiness too :smile: