I'm Back after being gone 2 months!!!

  1. Hi ladies!!! I missed you all!!!:heart:
    I am back...
    My last post I wrote me and DH were having some issues...WELL WE WORKED THEM OUT!!!! (Its called separation and I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER):yes: That might sound cold but sometimes people grow apart..and that is just what happen..WE ARE GREAT friends and speak daily...He went back to N.Y. and I am staying here in Florida...I have a GREAT new life and need to get some new Bags for my NEW LIFE...
    ANYWAY just wanted to say I'm back from the dead..LOL
  2. Welcome Back. I am glad everything is working out for you, and your happy.
  3. hi, i'm so glad you are ok, and things always happen for a reason....:flowers:
  4. hi! welcome back to PF :yahoo:
    i'm so happy u are happy after being through separation, some people are happier separated adn still friends, u are lucky to still have a good relationship with him. not many of us can have that :p
  5. Welcome back VIP! I'm glad you're happy. Look forward to seeing you on the boards again.
  6. Welcome back! We wish you all the happiness...
  7. Welcome back and glad to hear that you are happy!!
  8. Welcome back VIP!! :party: I'm so glad to hear that everything worked out amicably...now it's time to do some serious shopping :graucho:
  9. Welcome back!
  10. welcome back *HUGS!* =)
  11. welcome back sweetie!
  12. welcome back, nice to know things work out for you. How's your pups?
  13. Welcome back!! I was wondering about you!! :flowers:
  14. Welcome back!:smile:
  15. Thanks Ladies!!! The pups are doing great..He let me have them...THANK GOD:p (He had no choice since he is going back on tour :p )The first month was REALLY hard:sad: I have a wonderful person in my life who is getting me thru this and ALOT OF GREAT friends who have been there for me..THANK GOD..I could have not done this without them...I thought my LIFE was over...BUT IT IS JUST Starting...and what fun it is..PLUS I lost 30lbs (That is 1 of the postive things also about seperation LOL)ANYWAY Thank you ladies and NOW I NEED a new bag for myself;)
    Hugs and kisses to you all