1. i took a LONG hiatis from the purse but now im back!!! i have made a few purhcase since i have been gone

    Mono Tambourine
    Mono NeverfullMM
  2. Welcome back! Post pics of your fabulous bags:yahoo:
  3. Welcome back. Please let see pics of your new bags.
  4. welcome back!!!
  5. Welcome back, would you please share some pics of your lovely new purchases? TIA
  6. Yay Lindsay, welcome back!
  7. Welcome back.
  8. Congrats!!! I've missed you!!!

    Can't wait to see pics of your new purchases!
  9. Welcome back! I would love to see pics of your new bags :tup:
  10. Welcome back!!! :nuts:

    We'd love to see pics...congrats on the new purchases!
  11. welcome back and congrats on your purchases.
  12. Welcome back and Congrats
  13. Welcome back!
  14. Welcome back! :flowers: Now no more leaving!!
  15. Welcome back! When can we see pics of your new bags?