I'm baby sitting an auction

  1. Good luck.
  2. Thanks - Its my first "2nd Hand" LV purchase - I hope I dont get stung!! I'm confident its Auth!!
  3. Good luck!

    I kinda wish there were more pics provided... :hrmm:
  4. ^^ have you had this authenticated??
  5. I posted on the authenticate thraed and requested more pics from the seller but they couldnt get good pics so I called them and asked them to describe the th exact location of datecode and they descibied the exact location perfectly -they have also offered 100% cash back so im ok with it
  6. You'd be surprised how good fakes are getting now-a-days... :tdown:

    I wish you the best of luck yet again. :smile:
  7. Good luck!
  8. No im 99% sure - has any one ever seen a fake pegase??
  9. 20 mins to go - whose going to stick with me????
  10. John - you gut feeling, from the pics??? fake or real???

  11. just outbid

    ill be back..........................
  12. I have seen counterfeit Pegases before. I have only seen one close-to-looking-real Pegase.

    The alignment looks ok. Pics of the trademark heat stamp on the top right corner leather piece, heat stamp on luggage tag, leather strip on side, date code, and hardware would really help just to be sure and to be on the safe side.
  13. the money back guarntee is putting my mind at ease

    Is it acceptableto take it to a boutique for auth?? My SA is like a good friend now and I'm not sure I want her to know I bought 'used"
  14. well i lost - it went for NZD$1380 - may as well by new for boutique