i'm baaaackkkkk from the outlet...

  1. well, i didnt find what i wanted, the legacy ergo - which i new i probably wouldnt due to it being a legacy piece and all; but i did get a tote - 2 actually -

    i bought the leather black and red book totes - they are really nice and were on sale for a great deal - i got a scarf - the black and white "coach" one; a pretty little pink purse key chain too, oh and a red leather soho framed wristlet; which i love.... great deal on that too less than 1/2 the reg. price....

    my beautiful little MAC fits very nicely in the totes.... plus, i figure i can use them as a reg. bag too...

    i will post pics in a bit.... :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:me a happy camper.....

    they really did not have a lot i was interested in, alot of pebble leather; some older satchels i am not familiar with..... oh, they did have the beautiful burgundy and navy patent totes - very pretty ! i didnt get one, because i just bought the brown gallery patent tote a couple weeks ago - i was sad, i would have loved one of those patents.... but just couldnt justify it
  2. Sound fantastic. I just went yesterday and got a blue patent leather lunch tote and a black satchel . I just love the outlets. Congrats on your new goodies.
  3. Congragulations. Cant wait to see any pictures.
  4. Great haul...can't wait to see pics!!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Great stuff!
  7. pics?
  8. Would you mind sharing how much the book totes are selling for at the outlet? I've seen a lot of them on eBay lately and was contemplating taking a trip out to the outlet to get one, but it is a wee 4 hour drive there.
  9. sounds like an awesome trip to the outlets...hope you enjoy your new stuff!
  10. congrats on your buys!
  11. Can't wait to see your pics.
  12. pix pix pix!!!
  13. Congrats, cant wait for pics!
  14. Where are the PIX???

  15. Sure, they are the Gallery Leather Book Totes and were $188 on sale - not bad I thought...