I'm BAAAACK!!!! Coach versus Goach in Disney!!!

  1. Hi Girls!!!!!! I'm back from Disney!!!!!!! We had a BLAST!!!!! Chocolate Carly and I rocked around Orlando w/ my family!!! She was awesome!!! You will not believe how many people I saw in the parks carrying GOACH!!!! EVERY turn we made there was one.... in the bathroom a woman was carrying a HORRIBLE khaki/gold Goach that was a REALLY bad copy of the Hamptons satchel...REALLY BAD....at the sink she complimented me on my large chocolate Carly...then she asked if it was REAL!!!!!!!!! I said "of course...I dont buy fake bags!" Then she told me hers was real too and she bought it at *(get this)* A COACH PARTY!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL GEEZ!!!!! I wanted to say how could you think that is real when it has G's all over it!!!!?????? LOLOL I was hysterical laughing that entire night!!!!!!! Anyway, it's nice to go away, but I'm glad to be HOME!!!!!!!! Even though I left 85 degrees for 15 degrees!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL :yes: and I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! :heart:
  2. Isn't Florida weather awesome in December? Well last weekend was....it's 50 degrees right now.

    Glad you had a BLAST at Disney, it after all is the happiest place on Earth.
  3. Uhhhh.... she really said hers was real???????????????
  4. welcome back!!! :yahoo:
  5. When we left this AM we were FREEZING!!!!!!!! And then we get home and we are MORE freezing.......right now my heat is up to 80 degrees b/c we cant warm up being so used to the 85 degrees the past 9 days!!!!! ARGHHHHHH I HATE cold!!!!!!!!
  6. Welcome back!! Glad you had fun!! That's funny about the goach bag! I hope she doesn't really think it's real! That'd be sad!
  7. YUP!!! :yes: I actually said to her "um...I think I hear my kids calling me...have a nice vacation!!!!" and walked out!!!!! What really got to me is that I was carrying my Carly and she ASKED if she was REAL!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess since she thought hers was real, she wouldnt know a dang of a difference anyway!!!
  8. Glad you enjoyed your stay without having to dodge hurricanes!
  9. I REALLY think she thought it was REAL!!!!!!! NOT KIDDING! Just the way she asked about my Carly and then said "oh yeah...mine's real too...." and then proceeded to talk about a COACH PARTY and asked if I had ever been to one b/c the bags are just sooooooooo much cheaper at the parties!!!!!!!!!!! :yucky:
  10. THANKS!!!!! no rain at all actually....only overnight!!!!!!!!! we were sleeping during it!!!!!!!!
  11. THANKS, FIELDS!!!!! I TOTALLY missed you girls!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  12. Welcome back! I'm glad you guys had a great time :tup:

    LOL @ the Goach story, it's a shame people think they are real!

    85 degrees sounds soooooooooo good right now :drool:
  13. Glad you're back Mommyville. I forget about you going to Disney and was just thinking today that I hadn't seen you post anything for awhile. That's too funny about the woman at Disney. She probably really did think her bag was real. But it kinda seems like if she knew the name of your bag, she should know SOMETHING about Coach. Like the fact that it starts with C!
  14. I m glad you had a great time too!!!
  15. LOL you were only gone for 9 days??? OMG...it totally felt like you were gone for a year :sad:
    Welcome back!!!! I hope you stay warm!!!!