I'm baaaaack!

  1. Oh how I've missed tPF dearly. I've been on vacation and sick for about a week!! My fever of 103 and throwing up has gone down. I'm only tossing about 4 times a day.. Soooooo I finally am back and better and ready to post my head off. (well when I'm completely better!) Missed you all!!
  2. I'm glad you feel better, it really sucks to be sick! :flowers:
  3. Aw welcome back! Where'd you go on vacation? I bet it was heavenly! Glad you're feeling better! :biggrin:
  4. Welcome back! Hope you weren't sick while you were on vacation. That would totally suck!
  5. YUCK!!! So sorry you were sick. Glad you're feeling a little better.

  6. Well, poop. It sucks you were sick!! I feel like Im coming down with something too, I guess its that time of the year.

    Welcome back, though!!! Woohoo!!
  7. Ugh! I had probably the same virus about 3 weeks ago. It was awful and left me so incredibly tired.

    Glad to see you back here and feeling better!
  8. Welcome back!
  9. Welcome back!!!!
  10. Welcome back! Feel better :flowers:
  11. Welcome back!! I had the flu over christmas, it sucks so bad! :tdown:
    But I'm glad your feeling better!:flowers:
  12. I hope you feel better truly...that bug is nasty...my best friend and her fiance have it, and my grandparents had a type of that bug...Christmas didn't happen because they were out sick, it was really sad!

    Did you get to see your mom at all? Keep me posted!!!! :smile: And welcome back.
  13. I'm glad you're back!!
  14. i had a fever of like 103. and i couldnt keep anything down. i was like in starvation mode for about 72 hours. freakin stomach couldnt take anything!! i got sick on my trip to san diego. threw up in the plane going there 3 times. :throwup: im able to walk today!! YAY! onyl threw up a total of 8 times yesterday. i think i thought i could do more than i could yesterday and it really caught up to me at night.

    i didnt get to see my mom on christmas day or christmas eve candace. sucked but its okay. it made her happy to be with her new SO. i spent it up here in the bay with my DF and his family but i was really sick. i hd to muster all my energy to smile as regular as possible to not look sickly in the pictures or else they'd haunt me forever.

    my work has been mean. they hung up on me when i called in sick. :sad: meanies! and when i went to work yesterday they told me i needed to go home. so i had to wait for a manager to replace me for 3 hours til i got to go home. they called again today.. said to stay home and just to call them back when i feel better. (in not the nicest way).

    i hope i feel better by new years eve.. at least by the 8th for my bday and for sure by the 9th for my plane trip for hawaii.
  15. Awww feel better! And don't mind your coworkers/manager- just think about your vacation to Hawaii!! So exciting- where are you going? My BF and I are planning our trip to Hawaii in August right now.. Would love to hear some advice/tips! :biggrin: