Im baaaaaack! :-]]

  1. Well, I havent really been gone from tPF..I have just been avoided the LV side for a while beacuse I have a vacation coming up and I just couldnt be tempted at looking at bags....I was looking at my mom's speedy (which I sold to her because bless her heart, she works SOOOOOOOOO hard ((like 12 hour night shifts plus 2 dyas over time every week)) and I realized that being away from the LV forum definently helped me get over my LV obsession but now i'm back! I am falling in love all over again with Louis (which is good since my vacation is almost here and then i can buy again!)

  2. Hey welcome back socalgrl86. Aren't we all a little LV obsessed here? You are not the only one so don't worry. I have been so hooked ever since the day I joined tPF and I am loving LV more than ever!
  3. Nice to have you back, we missed you! : )
  4. Good having you back!
  5. Thanks guys! It felt so good looking at all the new cute bags out there...and me still wanting the same one as always...Batignolles Horizontal :-]]
  6. Nice to hear from you again Alma!!! :smile:
  7. welcome back.
    i think were all obsessive over LV here so its no prob.
  8. welcome back! and you should def purchase the BH - its my new favorite LV!!! :yahoo:
  9. I think it's good to take a break now and then. Welcome back!
  10. Did you get the Coach bag you wanted? :p
  11. welcome back! It's soo tempting to see all the eye candies, lol
  12. Welcome back & I sure hope you have a great vacation!
  13. Welcome back, and while your at it treat yourself to a new bag :p !
  14. Welcome back-let the spending begin!
  15. hehe :graucho: