I'm BAAAAAACK! DH wins 'Best Ever' award! Long reveal to follow...grab your popcorn.

  1. Hola everyone!

    Tonight DH and I drove up the hill to my fave Coach store after work, Bridgeport Village in Tigard. Terry is my SA and he is 100% fab, so I wanted to make sure we went on a night he worked. Coincidentally this was the only night that he was working and that we could go, so it worked out perfectly!

    I had a list written down on a heart shaped sticky, I had goals and I was stickin to em!!
    #1 was the Bleecker Signature Duffle in chocolate - that was the first thing Terry got for me and of course I was way pumped and walked around the store with it the whole time. I have had the biggest craving for Chocolate and glad I picked up this sweet handbag to satisfy my craving. Though if I'm anything like Mommyville, I will never be satisfied with just one piece!

    The next things were an order of business - I picked up a Secret Santa gift and the Bleecker signature checkbook wallet in Chocolate (as a favor for someone - no pic as it's giftwrapped up tight! but we all know how beautiful it is!).

    Razorbackbelle0 is a total dollface and sent me an extra Hermes scarf tying book that she had. I have scarves but no designer ones, so I decided this would be a good time to get a Coach scarf. I couldn't really pick, she had suggested I look at the tattersall neckerchief, but Terry said he had the perfect one in the back and that the tattersall kind of washed me out :throwup: Of course he then brought out another one I liked, the gallery patchwork scarf - the tan colorway with the python/optic/large sig/ocelot patchwork! He held it up to my neck and the color rushed back into my face! Then I spied this beautiful photoprint signature scarf in mahogany colorway. I adore all shades of pink and this was rich enough to set off my black sweaters with panache! Terry also brought out the blue one, we agreed it reminded us of a peacock with the rich turquoise accenting the dark blue...but I don't wear much blue so it became a no-go.
    So I go in for one scarf and end up with two!

    Lastly, I spied a pair of black ballet flats - the Ladie leather ones with the signature C pattern sewn into the leather. LOVED them this fall but never got around to getting them, of course now they are on sale so I think I ended up getting them for 50% off after the PCE discount.

    Now to the good stuff!!!!!:woohoo:

    Now, DH has pulled some great tricks to surprise me before. When we were getting bridesmaids gifts in May, he found a way to get me an ergo wristlet and picture frame keyfob while I was shopping in another store. Then in September he did the same thing and got me the daphne snaphead necklace. Both of these times involved us actually leaving the store, me going into another one, and him racing back to get the job done. This time, he did all his dirty work WHILE I WAS STILL IN THE STORE!!!!!
    Terry and two of the other SA's were in on it, one had me looking at charms and Terry asked me to go through the Hermes Carre book with him...and of course I obliged as we had been talking about scarves a lot and he mentioned that he would love to get his hands on an H scarf booklet. So we are going through all the styles of how to tie the scarf and then we were looking at my shoes, during all of this DH was checking out up front while pretending to look at cell phone charms. This went very smoothly because someone else was 'gift wrapping all my items' and we were 'waiting for them to get done'.
    While I had been trying on the flats, DH had slipped Terry a note and his credit card saying what he wanted him to have wrapped up. So we leave with our bags and on the way home DH digs around in our Borders bag and says 'oh, what is this?' and drops a little tattersall box in my lap. :wtf:
    I unwrap it and inside is the ocelot twilly!!!!! :love: I love this thing so much. Lots of air kisses for DH as he's driving and I don't want to distract him from the road. :heart:
    Jason drops me off and then goes to pick up dinner, I'm going through my stuff, sorting through to set up for photos...when I notice a third giftwrapped box. WTF???:shrugs: I leave it alone and set up for pictures. Then he gets home and I say 'hmmmm there is a third box with a bow on it!!!' He is kind of mad that I didn't open it while he was gone, that was the whole idea!!! Oh well, I'm kind of dense sometimes. So I open it finally, and it's a bleecker capacity wristlet!!!! Unfortunately they put the british tan leather one instead of the chocolate signature one, so we will exchange tomorrow. That's also why there is no picture of it. It's a lovely leather but not really one I want for myself.

    May I give a shoutout to the Bridgeport Coach SA's, especially Terry. We always have a great time going there and he takes such good care of me. He's a hoot to chat with and we have a blast together!:yahoo:

    So there's my long reveal, pictures to come!!!:tup:
    coach1.JPG coach2.JPG coach3.JPG coach4.JPG coach5.JPG
  2. The rest of the pics:
    coach6.JPG coach8.JPG coach9.JPG coach10.JPG coach11.JPG
  3. wow your husband is amazingly sweet! congrats on so many cute things and such a wonderful husband!
  4. p.s It's like a coach striptease with your Bleecker duffle! :p
  5. Great story and lovely goodies!! DH did a great job!
  6. Awwwww.. that is one sweet DH!! Lucky you!!

    Congrats on all the new shinies!!! LOVE ET ALL!!
  7. Oh my goodness Candace!!!

    Your story was awesome! You came out with some really good stuff!!! I love your flats!! Are they on sale everywhere because I saw them at my coach store and I might just have to pick them up!!!

    Man, your DH is smooth!! What a sweet way to get those gifts for you! You are so lucky! :girlsigh:

    I hope you post some modeling pics of your gorgeous new Bleecker!!!
  8. Congrats! I love the ladie flats.
  9. wow I love your haul!! the flats are too cute.. I am thinking of getting one:graucho:
  10. I believe they are on sale everywhere, they were paired with the other Ladie flats with the legacy stripe - 109 is the cost, they were originally like 158 I think.

    I'll get some modeling pics sometime soon ok!!! Maybe when I'm wearing real person clothes and not my uniform, haha!
  11. let me know if they're comfortable too?? :supacool:
  12. oh very comfy...they have little nubbies on the sole to protect the leather, which my older ladie flats don't have...I wish they did...
    anyway I sized down 1/2 size, just to let you know!!!

    I love them!
  13. awesome!!! It'll on my list now.. :p
  14. Candace, everything looks beautiful! You have a wonderful husband! Enjoy all your goodies!!
  15. Aw what a cute story! Congrats on all your goodies!

    (I looove that ocelot ponytail scarf especially - I want one!)