I'm Baaaaaaack! LV Shoe Report, my new LV Bag and shoes, Chanel trip + Pics

  1. After being on vacation the last two months, I'm finally home and took my first shopping trip yesterday. :yahoo:My mission was to pick up the Gold Miroir Lockit I'd had on hold for the last month, but it ended up being much better than just that.

    Anyway, first stop LV. Picked up my Lockit, which was love at first sight. I added my name to the waitlist for the Shearling Storm, too. Forgot to ask about Cruise 08, though (too overwhelmed by the Lockit, I think). Then I went to check out the shoes, as it was a shoe event day... they unveiled the Hawaii exclusive shoes and the new Winter shoes. They had those new vernis knee-high boots... SA said they've been a little problematic because since there's no side-zip, they don't fit a lot of people! If your leg's too big, you can't get them on, and if your leg's too small you'll swim in them once you do get them on. Seems weird they didn't use a zip. The new denim wedge with all the vachetta straps is super cute, just too high for me.

    I tried on a pair of gold Nina's, which had just arrived. They are freaking beautiful (the hammered detail on the heel and buckle is TDF) but my feet were too wide. :push: If your feet are of normal width or on the narrow side, try them! You'll love them.

    Ok, the Hawaii shoes are just from the Amber line, but I guess it's the style that is exclusive. It's basically a flat thong t-strap. Nothing exciting. I personally think this non-exclusive style is a much cuter flat:

    Anyway, enough about what I didn't buy. I ended up getting some Summer sandals - Ajaccio in Black. I needed a black sandal, and I think they'll carry me into Fall/Winter very well since I'm only ever in Hawaii and LA. :p They fit perfectly. RileyGirl pointed out the cute little embossed LVs in the straps... I hadn't even noticed! LOL



    Next, Chanel for a new purse and sunglasses. I got the small flap from the Bubble Quilt collection in the dark beige and the sunglasses with quilted leather sides in beige. Plus I found a couple other goodies I'm going back for next week! Eek.

    Anyway, here's a group shot and I'll post detailed pics of my Chanel on the Chanel forum.

  2. yay! you go on and molest that chanel lol. love the lockit btw :smile:
  3. Wow such a great shopping trip for you. They look absolutely gorgeous. I looooove your Chanel shade. :supacool:
  4. wow that sandal looks hot! how much was it if you don't mind me asking? would love to see some modelling pic :smile:
    love everything!
  5. Wow!! Fantastic buys. Love the sandals!!!
  6. USD 585 on e-luxury
  7. Wow :nuts: Lucky you :drool:
  8. :drool: lockit...
  9. I can't believe you did all that damage without us ogggling you!
  10. Congrats!! Love those shoes.:drool:
  11. Congrats, great things!
  12. Gosh, those shoe would look amazing with my Black Neo Cabby and some Soupcons in Noir!!

    BTW, I was not impressed with those Hawaii sandals at all.
  13. Very nice. Love them all.
  14. I know, wtf? Especially since it's one of their lines but just in a different (and suckier, imo) style? I was expecting something awesome.

    I saw a lady with a black neo cabby at the shoe event, trying on some ballerinas... that's a really sexy bag.