I'm BaaaAAAAAACK....why not join me for a spot of afternoon teal?

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  1. Pardon the lousy pun.

    I haven't had my PM espresso yet. [​IMG]

    Soooo, to make a long story short, I used to be a rabid RM fan from back in the day, especially of the vintage styles, and posted here all of the time. But because of the QC and CS issues, my attention turned to other designers.

    Then I got a look at RM's fall and pre-fall styles:

    Me → [​IMG]

    And so a few days ago I bought my first new RM in a looooooog time. :cutesy:

    I fell in :heart: with the leather and the color (and of course, the new style), and ended up buying my first blue/green designer bag, ever. (I loved it that much). So without further crappy jokes, here she is, my new TEAL mini Beloved:

  2. And here's some more purse porn for the lovely Minkettes:



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  3. Loquita: Great to see you back! I'm still here, and I love the beloved style.
  4. And here are her oh-so-chic retro panties: :shame:


    Love the old-school lining, but the updates to the inside of the bags are a definite improvement!! :tup: Much more luxe, IMO.


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  5. She's beauty and so smooshy looking! Congrats!
  6. So, what can a Mini B hold?

    The answer = A LOT. I would say that this style is similar to the MAC in width and heigth, but is definitely wider. I adore the flap and the closure...but most of all, the long-a**, unfinished tassels!! :tender: (I am a sucker for handbag tassels, and it is nice to see RM giving a lil' nod towards the fringe trend without completely submitting to it, since I don't think it's done all that well, wth few exceptions).

    Oh yeah...doh...I meant to post my "what can you fit in a Mini B" pics. Here goes:



    From left to right: My Belen Echandia pewter crash Angel Purse (wallet), my beloved purple Ray-Bans & case, lucky cat Kleenex pack, PDA in red case, medium Longchamp cosmetics case, Longchamp coin purse (full of discount buyer cards, cafe customer loyalty cards, etc.), and celly that my pup chewed up. Oops! Forgot my keys, but those fit, too. It all fits in easily, and I haven't even used the gorgeous outter pockets yet.

    This are the exact same items I carry in all of my bags, even the much larger ones.

    Needless to say, I will be purchasing a mini B in ORANGE HAZE, too!! :yes:

    The leather's supposed to be like the teal, right? :thinking:

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  7. GORGEOUS!!! i totally love it in teal!!! isnt this style just lovely?
  8. Thanks, tejava!! I love the fact that you are on all sorts of subforums, like me...it's always great to see you!! :hugs:
  9. Thanks so much!! And the teal is very smooshy, right out of the box...if I was more into the Nikki style (I have a hard time accessing my stuff in it), I would have gotten that for the shear joy of all that smooshy teal gorgeousness!!
  10. Thanks!! And I am very into this style...I love the full-sized, too -- this style caught my eye instantly!!

    I am very pleased with the improvements in QC that I note in this bag, and with the fall/pre-fall lines in general. RM follows a very fast learning curve!!! I admire that a lot.
  11. The color is gorgeous!
  12. Sooo gorgeous Loquita!!:nuts: I love those zippered side panels. And the color...extraordinary!! Congrats on your return to RM!!

  13. Thanks!! And to think that I had never owned a green or a blue bag until now...I figure I will just use it as a pop of color, which is what I like best when I wear bags.

    PS: :heart: (x10) your Chis!
  14. OOOOOh, welcome back, Lo. Your Teal Mini-B is amazing. I'm really liking this style more and more. How bout some mod shots, chica?
  15. Thanks so much!! And I love the side zippers, too...I probably won't use them for anything but lip gloss, but they are sooooo cute!! :nuts: