I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! But I'm a Bad, Bad Lambie!!!!

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  1. Hello ladies *and gent*!!!! :flowers:

    We just returned home from our much needed vacation, got the kids back in school this morning and finally have a little peace and quiet here! Whew! LOL I'm going to start getting caught up on all of our new LAMB's here, but I feel so guilty and had to share. Over vacation, I picked up not one, but TWO NON-LAMB bags. :shame: At Neiman's in Vegas I couldn't resist picking up this Marc by Marc Jacobs Groovee Satchel. They also had a Kooba Charlie in Linen/Gold that I fell in love with. It was jacked up though, so they found another one for me and it should be at the post office waiting when I go check later today!! Am I still a Lambie though? HELL YEAH!!! :jammin:

    And oh yeah...I MISSED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:

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  2. AYYYYY!
    Welcome back MissN! at another thread, we drooled over the RM bags.. so no worries! LOL.. i like both bag btw! :biggrin:
  3. YAY! Welcome back MissN! You're not a bad lambie most of us were talking about other non-lamb bags we like or have purchased recently in the what brands do you like other then lamb thread. Glad to have you back, so much has happened! We missed you too!
  4. I just saw in Brick's sig that it says RM Morning After and I was looking for it around here! That bag is KILLER. :boxing:
  5. I'm trying to catch up!! There's been a lot going on! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop: :lol:
  6. Wow miss n you've been gone forever!! Welcome back! I'ts good to have you home! And don't worry, we all still know that you are the :queen: of l.a.m.b! Even if you did cheat! Lol.. kidding. Fab new bags you got. I love them! So how was sin city?
  7. I know, I felt like such a dirty whore when I picked up the MBMJ!! LOL I even told the sales lady that I was a tramp. She just gave me one of these....:hrmm:. LOL

    Vegas was fun for about the first week. Went to see Blue Man Group, Hoover Dam, all that good stuff but after that we just wanted to go home. :shame: We actually ended up leaving a little early because I caught the damn bird flu (ha ha ha) and we all felt like we needed a vacation from our vacation so we ended up spending the last 2 weeks at our cabin. It was freezing ass there though, so we even cut that short and came home. We're such whiners. :lol:
  8. Hahaha, you told her you were a tramp! Well i'm sorry you cut your vacation short, bummer, but at least now you can come back and enjoy all the l.a.m.b madness! You know you missed it:graucho:...
  9. I did! I missed all of you guys the most though!!! We actually went several weeks without any emails or internet which was pretty interesting. I swear that both my hubby and I both had the sweats and withdrawls by day three. :P
  10. Yikes, no internet?! That's rough! It's funny how you don't realize how much you NEED it until you don't have it. Just like when i had to use the damn stupid dial up! Never will i move again! It confused the hell out of the phone company:confused1::weird::sos:!
  11. No internet was okay, but my hubby nearly snapped when we had no CELL PHONE reception in the mountains. It was so funny to watch him because he was totally like a crack whore....minus the crack. :P
  12. Well, I'm sorry to hear your vacation was cut short but happy that you are back!!! Yes, there has been a bustle of activity!!! We've scored some new addicts and new bags (purchases and designs) too!!! And yeah, I bought a Rebecca Minkoff too. :shame:

    And as you can probably tell, the ban thing didn't work out too well for me either. I guess I'll be doing some "spring cleaning" to my collection here now. Guess it's time to take another family shot when I get home.
  13. I just saw it!!!!!!!!!! It's GORGEOUS!!!! I told you in your purse thread that I don't feel so guilty now either. So thanks! LOL :angel:
  14. Welcome back MissN!!!!!!!! :party:

    congrats on the new bags, I love both! I'm glad
  15. Hi MissN,
    I don't think you could ever be a bad lambie....from what I hear you are the Queen!

    LOVE your Marc Jacobs, the leather looks yummy!